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It's impossible to be an expert on every available marketing strategy for promoting your business insurance and personal insurance services in Jacksonville. Most insurance carriers have to rely upon hiring the in-house skills they need or buying specialized skills and knowledge from specialized consultants. At Advantage Business Magazine we can help you make wise print and online marketing decisions to reach your target market with affordable business insurance advertising solutions. What better way to glean potential customers than through expert exposure to readers looking for small business insurance news in Jacksonville. Our often over-looked tactics provide an inexpensive way to generate new leads for your company's insurance products and services. Now that you have a better understanding of how to reach prospects, isn't it time to identify how much a new lifetime customer is worth to your business's bottom line? Contact our office today to learn more about using Advantage Business Magazine to selectively target high-value clients with your personalized message.

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adg fire

The day the disaster plan was TESTED

If it were not for a well honed disaster plan, the fire that destroyed Advantage Design Group’s office could have also destroyed its business, given its dependence upon the equipment and contents that were inside. Just as a trucking company would take pride in its vehicles, Advantage Design Group prides itself on using the best… Read More »

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insurance approved

Agents can help you weigh health insurance options

By Angie Koury For the past six months, we’ve been inundated with opinions and speculation about the success and failures of the open enrollment and initial rollout of the Affordable Care Act. Bottom line: The ACA, enacted in its entirely on January 1, 2014, can be a great benefit for some small businesses. Is health… Read More »

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Public employer annual health plan cost increased at double the rate of private sector in 2013

Public employers pay three times more toward employee benefits than do private employers. Jacksonville-based Coordinated Benefits Group reports that UBA 2013 Health Plan Survey findings indicate that while private sector employees are absorbing more costs for their own health care, facing high deductibles and large out-of-pocket cost increases in recent years, they are also bearing… Read More »

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Employer Health Insurance Mandate Under the Affordable Care Act

By: Mark Bajalia, Esq. and Samantha L. Prokop, Esq. On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law, fundamentally reforming the nation’s health care system and spawning a political and legal debate that led all the way to the Supreme Court. The ACA regulates the national health… Read More »

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Handling insurance claims

How to protect your rights when dealing with your insurance company   By Mark Bajalia, Esq. As a business owner, you will very likely need to make a claim under one of your insurance policies at some point. If you do, you may receive a “reservation of rights” letter from your insurer. A reservation of… Read More »

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Insurance benefits: Large tax exposure may require creative retirement solutions

By Bert Livingston     Most small business owners and professionals are familiar with group term life insurance programs—particularly those that offer up to $50,000 of term life insurance to employees. These programs, sanctioned by Section 79 of the Internal Revenue Code, also permit employers to provide additional amounts of term life insurance in excess of $50,000… Read More »

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