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Most Reputable Bank in America Chosen

As chosen by the American Banker magazine and the Reputation Institute, Synovus Bank has been named the most reputable bank in America. See the research results.

Northeast Florida Division Market Executive, Damon B. Olinto was quoted as saying,

Our company’s continued success depends on the strength of our reputation…with customers, non-customers, and in our communities.  The better our reputation, the more likely consumers are to buy our products; the more likely people are to recommend us; the more trust we build with regulators and those who govern the way we do business; the more individuals and institutions will want to invest in us; the more favorable the media talks about us; and the better talent we attract and retain to serve customers and grow our business.

How Banks Were Chosen for the Study

A total of 42 banks were measured this year.  All banks included in the study were pulled from the Federal Reserve’s list of commercial banks as of the end of 2016 and chosen based on asset and deposit size as well as those representing strategic interest to the study.  Only organizations with significant retail businesses and/or significant retail brands were considered.  Surveys were conducted online between February – May 2017 with customers and noncustomers who qualified as being familiar with the brands they rated.
According to the Reputation Institute, consumers care more about who a company is than the products and services it sells.

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