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The GriggsGroup rebrands firm to better reflect business mission

pivot-cpaThe GriggsGroup, CPAs of Ponte Vedra Beach, FL announced on Friday to employees, clients and stakeholders that it is re-branding the firm to better align with its core business strategy.  Managing Partner Peter Reynolds told the staff this afternoon that The GriggsGroup will be known from this point forward as Pivot CPAs, staking its claim on providing a broader, more in-depth relationship with its clients.

It is customary in the accounting world to name the firm after either the partners or to simply use letters of the partners’ name as an acronym to name the firm.  After an intensive marketing study, the partnership and management team of The GriggsGroup felt it was time to break with that tradition, and in doing so wanted to rebrand the firm with a name that truly communicates the value of an accounting firm within its clients’ business.

During the announcement, Reynolds stated, “We continually hear from our clients that they feel we are much more deeply involved with them than just handling their taxes or annual audits.  It was truly gratifying to learn that they think of us as business partners and not just a vendor, that they rely on us for guidance and leadership.”  The repeated theme of the firm being a central point of focus and a resource on whom clients rely led them to the name Pivot CPAs.  Continued Reynolds, “CPAs can and do play a pivotal role in their clients’ business practices by providing business insight beyond tax and audit work.  We’re thrilled to be the one our clients call with an idea or an issue.  We enjoy and take great pride in being an overall consultant as well as a tax and audit consultant.  We are excited to be what maybe the first CPA firm to not be named after its partners.”

Partner Wendy Ranson stated, “This rebrand gives us all a new torch to carry and provides a rallying cry for the firm.  While we are the same firm, we have a new outlook.”

Before deciding to re-brand the firm, Reynolds and the firm’s other partners enlisted local marketing strategy company, MediaShare Consulting Group to speak in depth not only with clients, but with employees, managers and even clients who have left the firm.  Said Mark D. Berman, Managing Partner of MediaShare, “Griggs, or now Pivot CPAs, have evolved to the point where they can comfortably stake their claim as unique in this market.  In an industry of giants and big brands, few of which stand out from one another either by name or function, hearing from their stakeholders about how valued they are allowed us to tell a different story..  It is a mindset and an approach to their clients’ business and their interests that make them, well, pivotal.”

The firm’s founder Eric Griggs sold the firm in 2007 to the existing ownership group.  It has since grown significantly and includes a client list of who’s-who in northeast Florida. Reynolds concluded his comments by stating, “Not only did our prior name not reflect the depth of our brand, but there is no longer a Griggs on the letterhead.  A shift toward a more demonstrative name that invokes the critical themes of the business is what we wanted in a new name.  While it was pure coincidence (and congratulations) that BDO acquired LBA just as we were finalizing our plans, it validated our new brand proposition as providing national expertise with local knowledge and it made sense to further distance ourselves from the alphabet soup of CPA firms that serve this market.  This brand change is well-timed and strategic, allowing the business to announce its ownership of the pivotal role we play for our clients, our employees and in the community.”

Audit Partner and long term co-owner of the firm, Scott Heller, summed up the re-brand strategy by saying, “The brand promise is that Pivot CPAs provides the integrated expertise of a deep, national firm – strategy, tax and audit services – but our true value is providing a much broader scope of guidance to our clients’ entire financial landscape. So, as our name and subsequent new tagline represents, we go beyond accounting.”



About Pivot CPAs

Pivot CPAs of Ponte Vedra Beach, FL is one of the largest locally-owned CPA firms in the Jacksonville market, serving northeast Florida and Gainesville. Shared among all of its staff is the belief that a client’s satisfaction with a service provider will be dictated by the individuals personally serving them. Pivot CPAs, formerly The GriggsGroup, sets high professional standards, understanding that chemistry and trust are key ingredients for a successful long term relationship. For information, please call 904.280.2053 or visit

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