Investing in High Net Worth Relationships through Exceptional Travel Experiences

By Ryan Winter

Corporate hospitality is the name of the game when it comes to winning over (and keeping) your top clients. Cruises and international tours are often go-to incentives passed on from businesses to their best customers, but for some customers, a three day booze cruise is well below their standard of fulfilling vacation. There are alternative ways to impress your high net worth clients and prospects. Perhaps you’ve received or sent a letter similar to the one below.

Dear George,
Thank you so much for your business over the past six months. To share my gratitude, enclosed are four tickets for you and your family to enjoy Disney World on me. There’s even a coupon for a free slushie if you visit the kiosk near Space Mountain. Looking forward to your continued business.
Mike McCalloway
Your trusted financial planner

For most people, a free trip to Disney World would be an exceedingly kind gesture…but George is not like most people. He’s the CEO of mid-sized tech company. He has paid his dues and has worked his way up the corporate ladder to a highly regarded, influential position that few others hold. He only flies first class, only sleeps in 5-star hotels, and he’s certainly not one to wait in long lines in the Florida heat. When he travels, he travels in absolute luxury.

When it comes to his travel experiences, someone like George has experienced the best that the world has to offer. Someone like George visits Europe often – several times each year for shopping trips and visits to world-class locales. It wouldn’t be unusual for someone like George to charter a jet for himself and his friends to go hiking in the Andes of Peru for the weekend. The point is this: Someone like George requires gestures of gratitude that are a cut above. So how do you impress a high net worth prospect or client in a way that will be perceived as fresh and exciting?

Mark RegoubyWe found a company who answers this question: Festival Pros focuses entirely on helping its clients have exceptional experiences during the best days on earth. Mark Hellmann Regouby founded Festival Pros in 2006 to provide unparalleled access to some of the world’s top events. His company takes its clients on personalized, luxurious journeys to places like Pamplona, Spain during the Running of the Bulls and Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day, just to name a couple of their offerings. Festival Pros specializes in gaining an intimate knowledge of destination cities, building relationships with locals, procuring the best accommodations, and providing unprecedented access to world-renowned events – all with 5-star, customized service for every client. All of that combined creates truly unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

“Our expeditions are exotic because our guests have the opportunities to see exquisite cities on their brightest days. When you send someone on a trip that includes experiences that money can’t buy, the increase in relational capital is immeasurable,” said Mark Hellmann Regouby, founder of Festival Pros.

Business leaders who are trying to keep their edge sharp with their clientele should consider corporate hospitality experiences that focus on the things that can’t be booked on Expedia or Priceline. From experiencing the beauty of a Bastille Day cruise on a private yacht in Paris to gaining a rare look inside a centuries-old tradition from the comfort of a private terrace during il Palio di Siena in Italy – remarkable clients and prospects need remarkable experiences.

Should I travel with my clients or prospects?

So let’s say you’ve decided to treat your most valuable clientele to an unforgettable adventure through Festival Pros. Do you send your clients on a trip by themselves or travel with them? There are two viewpoints on this, both of which are neither right nor wrong and both of which could be beneficial to your business.

Vacationing With Your Clients


  • Many hours of one-on-one time with your prospect or client to discuss business and build rapport
  • They get an exotic vacation and you get an exotic vacation
  • If you choose the right experience they’ll likely feel refreshed and energized when they return – attributing the good feelings to you and your business


  • Your client may never truly come out of business mode (and neither will you)
  • Their family may not feel as comfortable with you around
  • There will likely be a sense of business first, vacation later

Letting Your Clients Vacation Without You


  • You can treat your clients to a remarkable experience as a gesture of your goodwill without taking time off from work
  • Your clients will be able to relax and enjoy their adventure without feeling pressure to include you


  • You won’t have the luxury of having multiple hours of your client or prospect’s time and attention in a captive environment

Bastille 1The exotic journeys that Festival Pros reflect the kind of fresh incentives that savvy businesses need to keep high net worth clients engaged and delighted. For your clients and prospects who require exceptional corporate hospitality experiences, ultimate exclusivity, and the kind of vacations that can’t be found on Trip Advisor, companies like Festival Pros have the right solutions.

Festival Pros offers a wide variety of international voyages that are designed to give busy, high net worth travelers something they have never experienced. A few of their exceptional experiences and locations are listed below.

  • Il Palio di Siena – Siena, Italy
  • St. Patrick’s Day – Dublin, Ireland
  • Running of the Bulls – Pamplona, Spain
  • Bastille Day – Paris, France
  • Monaco Grand Prix – Monaco
  • Venice Regatta – Venice, Italy

For more information about Festival Travel Experts, visit Festival Pros or email

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