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Kudos to the risk takers

I might be one of the rare few that enjoy meeting new people. Just like an undiscovered book, everyone has a story.

Nearly everyone has faced some type of adversity, chance meetings, tragedy, luck and successes. Of course, attitude probably has the most influence over someone’s life and business events.

One of my go-to questions is, how did you decide to own your own business? The answers vary as much as the industries they represent, but they all have one thing in common, courage.

There was a time when each prospective business owner made the “go” or “no-go” decision. Kudos to those who took the leap and ventured into the unknown. Business ownership isn’t for everyone and many people find out the hard way.

As life goes on, the responsibility piles up. Kids, mortgages, car payments and insurance commitments are all enemies of entrepreneurship. Bills kill creativity, original thought, and risk taking. There is security in a steady paycheck, I get it.

However, for some the wonder and “what if” questions, overpower the status quo. These are the few adventurous souls that make the leap. Some of our community’s best are represented in the following pages.

As we celebrate these Small Business Leaders, I hope you will be inspired by their courage. I’m sure they could tell you there is no perfect time to take the risk. Each one of these SBLY’s had to look themselves in the mirror and ask themselves if they had what it takes. Is now the right time? Do I have the needed skills?

While each of these leaders deserves kudos, there can be only one Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce overall SBLY winner. Congratulations to Rick XXX. An attorney, musician, role model and now a leader in our business community, represent us well!

brian headshotUntil next time,

Brian Barquilla [social-bio]

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