Don’t Get Lost in the Shuffle – The Importance of Branding

By Katrina Davis

Branding is the lifeblood of a business.

It is the personification of a company to a customer and answers the question, “Why shop here?,” from a psychological perspective.

Branding is why people spend their money with one company as opposed to another. It is the foundation for the look and feel of a business.

The company’s colors, the voice with which it speaks to its customers, the very essence of the business is derived from branding. Without it, a business can be easily lost in the shuffle.

Branding is an essential part of marketing for a business and business owners want a brand that is unmistakable. Your brand represents both the tangible and the intangible—the visual representation of the feelings your brand wants to evoke in its customers. These feelings can be evoked using visual messages, such as logos or billboards, and written messages, such as taglines and advertising copy.

Old Logo

Old Logo

The old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” does not apply to branding, especially once a company is established in the marketplace.

Founded almost 50 years ago to protect the natural treasures of Northeast Florida, the Timucuan Parks Foundation (TPF) is in the midst of a rebranding effort as it revamps its presence in the marketplace. TPF made a conscious effort to begin connecting with the community in 2010. Recently, they partnered with a local marketing firm to incorporate the following attributes to their new campaign and branding:

  • Details – Every project should advance the overall strategy to reach the company’s goals. Details that seem inconsequential, such as the slight curve of a line in a logo, can ultimately have a huge effect on the reception of the brand and the effectiveness of a marketing strategy.
  • Demand – Marketing efforts create a need for your products and services. Strong branding concepts provide a platform to spring into action.
  • Results – Whether branding a new business or refreshing an existing brand, the end result can make a big difference and should ultimately result in a positive effect on the company’s bottom line and market presence. Strong branding can increase business, market share and brand equity over time.

When done correctly, logos, taglines and the other pieces of the branding puzzle come together in a succinct way to send a clear, unified message that resounds with the potential customer. When you have an established brand, it is important not to let time or experience cripple you.

New Logo

New Logo

It’s easy to become visually complacent with your brand. But the new look for TPF positions the organization as the lovable caretaker of the Jacksonville park system. The new brand is clean and modern, while maintaining an approachable air of friendliness and a natural feel.

TPF aims to inform locals and visitors alike about the importance of maintaining the parks system and the unmatched beauty of the Florida landscape. The organization’s rebranding reestablishes it as a caring, active part of the community that protects and preserves Florida parks.

TPF’s campaign is an example of the positive impact rebranding can have within your company. When done right, branding instills pride in those that are a part of your business; there’s an excitement that comes with showing off your company’s new look. It breathes new life into the organization.

Branding is an undeniable part of the marketing process. There is nothing that can invigorate a brand quite like a new point of view and a new message.

KatrinaDavis(1)Katrina Davis is a communications specialist with Client Focused Media. CFM is a Jacksonville-based integrated marketing firm with extensive capabilities and experience providing strategic planning, marketing, creative, advertising, public relations and crisis communications services.

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