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A Turn-Key Approach to Measurable Online Marketing

Six steps. Repeated success.

Advantage B2B creates opportunities for clients by applying lessons we’ve learned through publishing a magazine to provide successful marketing consultation services for our clients. You can grow your business by using this unique system.

Any type of business can use the system but you must follow the steps in order to maximize the results. If you were to start advertising without really knowing who you were trying to reach, for example, you would certainly waste money and you may also miss opportunities to connect with your target audience.

The Advantage B2B System breaks down as follows:


Advantage system - buyer personas1) Gain an Intimate Knowledge of Your Customers.

You may think you know who your ideal customer is but can you describe them in detail? Creating a semi-fictional representation of your customer will provide you a greater understanding of their wants, needs and motivators.

Your buyer personas should include “biographical” information like your customer’s:

  • name;
  • age;
  • family background;
  • occupation;
  • income;
  • values; and
  • problems.

You can use this information to finely tune your messages and to market to your targeted prospects in relevant terms.


Advantage system - digital foundation2) Lay the Digital Foundation.

Your buyer personas will help you fish for your ideal customers but you need an appealing online presence to reel them in as leads. Create a streamlined message that caters to your buyer personas and then connect with them through your website and social media.

Your website should represent your brand well and clearly point visitors in the direction appropriate for them, whether that is to make a purchase or to request more information. You must also optimize your website to capture information about your leads, such as their company, title, phone number and email address so that you can market to them precisely and consistently.

Use social media to draw visitors to your website by sharing information relevant to your ideal customers and keep your messaging consistent across all of your accounts, including those for your company as well as any for associated individuals like executives or those for specific products or services. Apply SEO strategies and create compelling content to attract visitors as well.

Align each component of your online presence to give the buyer the confidence that they’re working with a company of integrity.


Advantage system - ask what customers want3) Ask what they want.

You may think you know your ideal customers, rightly so – you work with people like them every day. However, giving your ideal customers or prospects the content that they really want from you usually requires one simple step – ask them what they want. This step in the Advantage System involves email-originated survey techniques designed to gather valuable info from a sample group from your audience that we’ll use to craft truly remarkable content that your current and future customers will love.


4) Develop remarkable content.

Advantage system - remarketable contentPeople should rave about your content. Give them blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, decision guides and other content that meets their needs and inspires them to action.

Position your company as a go-to subject matter expert and you will be perceived as the thought leader in your industry. Customers will follow because people want to do business with experts.

Create content that makes life better for potential customers based on your buyer personas. Offer content for each level of interest that a prospect may have, from just looking to ready to buy, so that you can help them at each step in their buying journey.


Advantage syatem - automate5) Automate your marketing.

If content were a gift that you were giving to your ideal audience, then marketing automation would be the Ford factory assembly plant pumping out the perfect gifts to the right prospects over and over.

Leverage technology such as automated marketing software to deliver what is a repetitive task so that your salespeople can concentrate on only the hottest prospects. Ideally, your sales team would only talk with prospects who are ready to buy instead of wasting time courting customers who are not ready, willing or able to purchase from you.

Once confined to large companies like Amazon and American Express, automated marketing technology is now affordable for small businesses as well. It is sustainable, repeatable and measurable. You can now do the same thing over and over—and expect the amazing results.


Advantage System - evaluate and scale6) Evaluate and scale.

Think of Russian dolls, which start small and get bigger but still look the same. If you figure out what works, you can replicate it so that you can draw even more leads and convert still more customers.

Proper reporting and metrics are key to scaling up. Track metrics like social media followers and shares to evaluate key performance indicators such as reach and engagement.

Once you hone in on what is working best, you can scale up to bring on new clients faster, upsell existing clients and expand your products and services. In short, you will have a well-oiled marketing machine.


Following these six steps will help you get more customers, but you must repeat them regularly. Too often, businesses will abandon one or more of the steps if they don’t see the results they want, when they want.

But if you decide what you want to build, do it methodically and apply it consistently you will build the thriving business that you desire. The Advantage System is perfect for any business leader that desires a turn-key approach to attracting, engaging, converting, and delighting more customers.

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