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Jacksonville Business Elite Parking Itroduces Downtown Parking Shuttle Service

elite-parking-logoJacksonville based Elite Parking Services of America (Elite Parking), a national parking and transportation management company, announced the launch of its new Downtown Business Employee Parking & Shuttle Service Program.  The service is a privatized employee shuttle program developed to help bring companies into the downtown marketplace, by providing a coordinated solutions for their employee parking and shuttle transport.

Elite Parking Services will look  to work with the City of Jacksonville and the Downtown Investment Authority to help recruit companies into downtown Jacksonville while coordinating and developing all of their parking and transportation needs for their employees.   The service will become a one stop shop for businesses looking to expand or enter downtown, but feel restricted due to their parking needs. The service will help companies identify parking, develop an enhanced route plan for the transporting of staff, and assist with the mobility of downtown for employees that work in the urban core but may park outside of the urban core.  This service will provide the ability to have efficient utilization of existing parking within and near downtown.  Baptist Healthcare systems have already signed on to the opportunity and Elite Parking is in discussions with other companies looking to either relocate and expand their footprint into downtown.

“The City has put a lot of focus on downtown and parking has been a major topic of concern for many companies. Our team consistently hears that parking issues hinder downtown growth. Our belief is that the private parking market has to standup and help companies and the City do something to rectify the situation. We are a Jacksonville company that is based in the heart of Downtown and we want to see downtown grow.  We feel it is our civic duty and responsibility to work with City and company leaders to develop an innovative solution to all the parking inquiries that consistently surface and have been a deterrent for companies who have delayed moving into the downtown market place,” said Dane Grey. President of Elite Parking Services of America.

Grey continued, “Our program will mitigate the challenges that companies face when thinking about parking and whether they can provide enough employee parking within close proximity to their building. We will help bring better utilization to facilities inside and outside of the urban core while shuttling employees from point A to point B.  Our thought is that with the Mayor Curry’s Office consistently having more announcements regarding jobs and companies coming into the downtown market, it is only a matter of time before Jacksonville as a community will achieve its goals for a vibrant and busy downtown market place. Together, we can work with both public and private entities to help Jacksonville really become the number one place to live, work, and play.”

Elite Parking is a technology driven parking and transportation management firm that focuses on Public Private Partnerships with airports, municipalities, private corporations, and real estate firms across the United States. Our management operations are deployed through a newly developed cloud based parking concept that incorporates lean concepts, value stream mapping, industry best practices, and a six sigma focus by providing state of the art technology to lower client cost, increase efficiency, and increase employee productivity. Customer satisfaction and quality service are the cornerstone values of our system. A strong sense of ethics in business and customer interactions underscores our commitment to success. With operations stretching across the United States, our efforts allow our customers to feel an optimal level of service, which resonates throughout their travels. Hence, it is no wonder we advise all our customers to “Breathe Easy, Your Car is Safe with Us.

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