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BOLD Moves For Jacksonville


Think big. Live confidently. Control your destiny.

Formed over time as part of Keller Williams Realty’s professional development program, which Training magazine has ranked as the best in the world, the BOLD (Business Objective, a Life by Design) performance system ingrains within its participants habits that enable them to succeed.

More than 75,000 BOLD graduates have improved their confidence, their charisma and their influence with their potential clients. They have increased both sales and productivity by more than 165 percent each, on average.

Now, BOLD Performance Business training is bringing its six-step learning process to Jacksonville to help entrepreneurs and sales professionals increase production, efficiency and profitability.Shon Kokozzka

We go off the definition of success according to Webster’s Dictionary, which is, ‘getting what you want. BOLD is about bringing conscious awareness to the right habits and conditioning  our participants to own those habits.
-Shon Kokoszka, president of MAPS Business Training and leader of the BOLD program.


Participants attend weekly meetings and hold each other accountable for meeting personal goals, including minimums of 20 contacts a day and 100 contacts a week.

“We’ve had virtually every industry represented, from the solopreneur who is starting their business to the experienced financial advisor who has been doing it for years,” Kokoszka said. “Any company that sells anything, this program is right for them.”

Austin, Texas-based BOLD Performance Business is establishing training programs and networking referral groups across the country. It will hold its first event in Jacksonville, a free seminar, on Sept. 16.

“We’re on the absolute ground floor of an absolute game changer for a BOLD city,” said Wally Conway, who is president of HomePro Inspections as well as the BOLD business coach who is hosting the event at the Jacksonville Marriott.

Conway estimated that 1,500 Jacksonville entrepreneurs, business development representatives and sales people will participate in BOLD annually. Their collective impact could establish Jacksonville as an entrepreneurial hub similar to Austin, from which the BOLD program emanated.

“The things that have come out of Austin over the last 20 years are international fixtures by guys who are legendary for business growth,” Conway said, citing success stories such as Gary Keller of Keller Williams Realty and Michael Dell of Dell Inc. “It’s my personal vision for Jacksonville to be part of earning that international reputation for startups and entrepreneurs.”

Looking beyond Jacksonville, Kokoszka wants “BOLD” to be a household name within five years.

“Our expansion model is regional,” Kokoszka said. “First is to identify who has the talent, behavior and cognitive ability to be a coach and then bring the training to them so they can build their region.”

Coaches will leverage their connections to attract participants. They will then share with them the BOLD principles that they live themselves.

Kokoszka, for one, credits BOLD with saving his life.

A high-flying entrepreneur with multiple real-estate companies thriving simultaneously prior to the market crash and ensuing Great Recession, Kokoszka struggled to accept his abrupt reversal of fortunes. He felt like a hapless victim who had been left adrift before his mother, the CEO of KW MAPS Coaching who had created BOLD, urged him to participate in a program in San Diego, commuting there weekly from Denver for eight weeks in a row.

“I was in a very dark place,” Kokoszka said. “BOLD transformed my mindset and improved my self confidence and self image.”

With such affinity and appreciation for BOLD, Kokoszka went on to become a program instructor. He taught BOLD in three to four cities a week for almost four years.

So thorough was his knowledge and intense was his effort that Gary Keller eventually  put him in charge of the BOLD program, which had lost some of its luster by 2011. Kokoszka redesigned the program, condensing it from eight steps into seven. After reenergizing it, he set about rewriting it so that it could be applied to industries other than real estate.

Participants learn to expect success and to overcome obstacles in its pursuit. “Those people who are really successful in BOLD fail more often than anybody else,” they keep making contacts and pursuing opportunities, Kokoszka said.

wally bold coachConway credits BOLD for helping him to grow his home inspection company exponentially in just 10 months. He has also set a bold goal of  being the largest company in the world within his industry, with encouragement from Kokoszka and other program supporters who had rejected as too small his initial objective of doubling his company’s size within 18 months.

“A core position of BOLD is that most limits are self imposed,” Conway said. “Remove the limiting belief and you can grow well beyond.”

Conway hopes that the local effects of BOLD will ripple beyond its participants, elevating Jacksonville as a place to grow businesses. “If we don’t stretch and reach to do what is uncomfortable we should expect to stay where we are as a city and as individuals. September 16th is the day it all changes.

Put more simply:  Live BOLD.

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