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Jacksonville Zoo Collaborates Locally With Pizzazz Scenic For Large-scale Creation

For the past 5 months, the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens worked closely with Jacksonville-based Pizzazz Scenic Contractors to create a 65-foot replica of the largest snake that ever lived. 

Pizzazz_Scenic_blue.LG“We’ve worked on and off with Pizzazz over the last ten+ years,” said Bob Chabot, Director of Horticulture, Facilities and Exhibits at the Zoo. “This is by far the most significant work they have produced for the Zoo, and we are all extremely happy with how it has turned out. I am sure Titanoboa will be a titanic hit!”

Titanoboa: Prehistoric Mega Snake opened March 7th, and is an exhibit focusing on giant serpents including an Eastern Indigo Snake, an Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake, a Green Anaconda and a Burmese Python. The main attraction is the 20,000-scaled serpent created by Pizzazz.

“Collaborating on the Titanoboa project was quite a challenge and a total joy – we love our local zoo.  As a company whose products are located worldwide, we especially enjoy working at home,” said Bob Nelson, Vice President of Pizzazz. “The zoo had a vision for this project, and decisions were mutually agreed upon and adjustments made throughout the entire design and fabrication process.”

From the initial idea through project execution, the collaboration stayed local. “All the artists, sculptors and material suppliers chosen are all from the Northeast Florida area,” said Nelson. “Pizzazz Scenic Contractors and the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens believe in supporting our local economy whenever possible.”

Pizzazz has partnered with the Zoo on many other projects including all the sculptures in the Range of the Jaguar, themed paintings in the Asian area, and the front entrance sign of the Zoo.

The exhibit opened Saturday, March 7 after a ribbon cutting ceremony with the family of Captain T.W. Baine, III, a Jacksonville native and pilot during World War II. The Baine family lent the Zoo a 14-foot green anaconda skin Captain Baine brought back from a trip to South America to display in the exhibit.

Titanoboa: Prehistoric Mega Snake will be open daily through September 2015.

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