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Joe Sampson Launches New Company Focused on the Business and Sustainability of Events

Joe HeadshotOne Spark’s former executive director and chief operating officer and event production expert Joe Sampson and SouthEast Group’s director of marketing and community engagement Lisa Goodrich launched EventReal today. EventReal will focus on the business and sustainability of events by providing event organizers with marketable concepts and sustainable revenue solutions and filling critical organizational gaps.

Sampson left One Spark at the close of 2014 after nearly two years of building the festival into one of the top 20 events in the country by attendance. He has over 12 years of experience starting and growing companies and producing large-scale events. He decided to start EventReal with the unique vision in mind of supporting communities and events on a broad scale. Sampson is the founder and president of EventReal.

lisaGoodrich, a veteran fundraiser and event marketer, will continue to serve as director of marketing and community engagement for the SouthEast Group, where she leads event-based marketing strategies and placemaking initiatives. Goodrich, cofounder and vice president of EventReal, will focus on client strategy.

“We launched EventReal because we know that great events enhance quality-of-life, build communities and drive economic development,” said EventReal founder and president Joe Sampson. “While most event companies focus on planning and production elements, we focus on the business of events; putting event organizers into sustainable, growth positions through crafted concept, marketing and revenue solutions.”


About EventReal:

EventRealEventReal helps event organizers build and grow sustainable events by crafting marketable concepts and sustainable revenue solutions and filling critical gaps in organizational structures. With over a decade of experience in event marketing, production and monetization, the EventReal team connects event sponsors and organizers to build sustainable events that grow and evolve around the communities they support. For more information, visit

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