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Council Hires New Health Planning Director

The Health Planning Council is pleased to announce the hiring of Emily Suter.

emily suterSuter joins the Health Planning Council as the new Health Planning Director. Suter has been recognized as one of the leading experts on Health Impact Assessments (HIA) and was on the team that developed the Florida Method for HIAs, which was presented at the inaugural National HIA Conference in Washington, DC. Further, Suter was the lead researcher for the Kings Ridge Apartment Complex rapid HIA project and consulted on the Brentwood HIA, both conducted in Jacksonville, Florida.

Her credentials include a Master’s in Public Health (MPH), as well as, a Masters in Urban & Regional Planning (MSP) both from Florida State University.

In her new role as the Health Planning Director, Suter will foster and lead initiatives to assess population health and to develop programs that address area health needs. Her responsibilities will include developing and implementing community health assessment and planning cycles. She will identify, develop, and execute health planning, research, and the evaluation of projects in the seven county service area comprised of Baker, Clay, Duval, Flagler, Nassau, St. Johns and Volusia counties.

“Emily brings a wealth of experience and expertise that once again positions the Health Planning Council as the leading health planner in the region. There are very few individuals that have her combination of training and practical experience. She will prove to be a real asset to our region” says President & CEO, Deanna McDonald.

Previously, Suter was the manager for the Health Education team for the Florida Department of Health in DeSoto & Highlands County. Her duties included: collaborating with community partners on public health issues, coaching partners on the community health planning process and developing strategic objectives with action plans. Prior to working with the Florida Department of Health, Suter was Director of Community Programming for Jacksonville Affordable Communities. In this position, she worked with the not-for-profit owner of a low-income apartment complex to adopt policies that foster a healthy lifestyle for members of the community.


About The Health Planning Council

The Health Planning Council is universally recognized for igniting and facilitating partnerships for healthy and happy places. Our collaborative culture helps us build sustainable and vibrant environments. The Health Planning Council ensures the health industry has the necessary information to make informed, strategic decisions that promote healthy communities and efficient use of resources. Using evidenced-based practices and solutions, there is an awareness and understanding that every policy is a health policy.

The mission of the Health Planning Council is to champion healthy communities, lifestyles and accessible, quality health and wellness.

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