Drive Success with Business-to-Business Mentoring

Many businesses offer employee mentoring programs. These mentorships allow all involved parties to share their knowledge, lessons learned and tricks of the trade, thereby increasing the success of each individual and the company.

The participating mentors and “mentees” also walk away with a stronger sense of community within their firm. This attachment can create a happier, more productive work environment and decrease turnover.

You can make a similar impact on our community by sharing your knowledge and experience with a local non-profit organization.

Though I have spent more than 30 years in sales and sales training, when my firm Get In The Game SE became a division of Client Focused Media (CFM) in 2014, I gained an increased awareness of the number of non-profits in Jacksonville.

CFM supports non-profits by encouraging employee volunteer hours, donating and discounting services, and designating a non-profit as a recipient of a percentage of the financial gains from each local event that it produces.

This experience has inspired me to use my expertise and mentor area non-profits. While a person-to-person mentoring program benefits a small group of participants, a B2B mentoring program can have a positive effect on the greater good.

Non-profits face the same challenges as their for-profit neighbors. Given that my specialty is sales performance training, I know that I can help local charitable organizations with issues like:

  • “I’ve made bad hires. Why don’t these people work out?”
  • “I need structure and focus. How do I go about implementing that?”
  • “Why aren’t my salespeople closing more business?”
  • “I need to grow my sales presence. How do I go about doing that?”

As we all come down from the “holiday high,” I challenge you as a business professional with boundless talent to support local non-profits, not only with money, but by sharing the skills that have made you successful.

Here are a few ideas to help you approach our local non-profit organizations and offer your guidance and expertise.

  1. Offer to speak to a local trade organization, chamber of commerce or service group. These audiences are full of individuals who are affiliated with a non-profit in some capacity. Delivering valuable content and mentioning your desire to help our community     increases the probability that you will connect with such people and the non-profit with     which they are associated.
  2. Support the Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida. This group aids the non-profit community in Northeast Florida by supporting a network of     individuals with common needs. The Nonprofit Center provides their membership with resources to tackle just about any issue.
  3. Contact the management of a non-profit that is close to your heart. You may be aware of some issues and challenges that they face as a business. The recipient of your phone call or email may welcome you with open arms.

As business owners, entrepreneurs and employees, we have an immeasurable amount of knowledge and experience. We are all good at something. Why not share it with those around you? The collective success of Jacksonville hinges on the success of her people.

If you would like to discuss this topic further, I would welcome an opportunity to connect.


Bob-websiteRobert Zinsser is president of Get In The Game SE, a division of Client Focused Media, a leading integrated marketing firm in Northeast Florida. CFM’s capabilities and experience include strategic planning, marketing, creative, advertising, printing and packaging, public relations and crisis communications services. Zinsser’s division is responsible for implementing internal and external training and sales processes.

Zinsser has been honing his skills in sales development and management for more than 30 years. Get In The Game SE works with salespeople across diverse industries by implementing a sales process that supports prospecting, provides structure, and improves performance to drive revenue growth. Zinsser delivers a targeted program for groups that want to explore the challenges that companies face in today’s difficult sales environment.

He can be reached at 904-472-3706 or

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