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Full Circle

This issue causes me to reflect back to when I was approaching graduation from Jacksonville University. I was ambitious and full of energy. I was just missing the direction.

I didn’t know what was next. What I did know is that one lucky employer was going to get a heck of an employee!

Luckily for me, an upstart company called Aerotek took a chance on me, and I would like to think that they got their money’s worth many times over. It was a great beginning. My mentors taught me how to behave like a real pro and they demanded excellence.

Now, my life has come full circle. I’m proud to announce to our business community this year’s top 40 business students of Jacksonville University.

Our application process began months ago and our selection team had the unenviable job of narrowing the field. It wasn’t easy because there is some fantastic young talent that will be available in the coming months.  Special thanks go to the sponsors, Northwestern Mutual and Aerotek (yes the same one) for believing in the program and enabling us to do a first class effort.

It is our hope that the students highlighted here can use this recognition to differentiate themselves in a competitive business environment.  They already have the skills. They just need an opportunity to hone them and put them on display.

You can find their LinkedIn profiles in the following pages.

Feel free to reach out to these students and wish them well. After all, most of us were in a similar position in the past.  Many of you could use their talents to help grow your business. The communication window is wide open, so it’s up to you!

Congratulations again to the Jacksonville University top 40 business students.  We look forward to watching you grow in your careers.


Until next time,

Brian Barquilla


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