Meet the Top 40 Talent

ABM_V6i9-coverDependable. Hard working. Loyal. These are a few of the more common adjectives that this year’s group of the  Top 40 Students at students at Jacksonville University used to describe themselves.

Team work. Empowerment. Recognition. These were the among the most frequently cited attributes of their “ideal work environment.”

Family. Friends. Community service. These commitments rang most true when they were asked to describe life outside of school and work.

One of these groups alone, whether it be such desirable traits, values or passions would be laudable in any individual student. But the fact that each of these 40 remarkable students embodies all of these virtues and ideals  in some form is testament to their collective potential —and aspirations.

Not content to simply make a living, this year’s Top 40 aspire to change the world around them, by improving lives and communities. They personify how the Davis College of Business prepares students for wonderful, transforming opportunities that truly make a difference.

Wherever a student is on their career path, whether preparing to embark upon it, to climb the next rung on the corporate ladder, or to step out into entrepreneurship, our faculty and staff will prepare them to seize the opportunity ahead. While we are most proud of our students’ success, we have also succeeded as a school as well.

We are proud to be among the 5 percent of the business schools in world, and the only private school in North Florida, that are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). We also launched a doctorate in business administration program this fall. Its enrollees include executives from companies across the Southeast as well as students from the Middle East and Europe.

Regardless of the course, whether it is for freshmen or for CEOs, we encourage our students to think, create and lead. In the following pages I am pleased to present to you our best and brightest, all of whom are nearing a graduation milestone here at JU in the Davis College of Business.

They will undoubtedly be the leaders of tomorrow, even perhaps in your organization. Some will continue their current career path and others are looking for an employer where they can make a maximum impact.

Don Capener_Large photo(1)I would encourage you to introduce yourself, serve as a mentor, and challenge these rising stars to see what some of the smartest new graduates in North Florida can do for you.

If your organization has a need for talent, I urge you to take a look at our students. I know you will like what you see.

Congratulations to all of our students who were named the top talent of JU’s Davis College of Business.

Dr. Don Capener
Dean, Davis College of Business

Meet the Top 40


Chris-AnstettChristopher Anstett
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Major: Aviation Management & Flight Operations

Besides flying, looking into aviation crash investigations is Anstett’s favorite part of his major. He is fascinated by how many little things can build on each other to lead to an aviation crash. He likes to learn from National Transportation Safety Board cases so that mistakes are not repeated. He would also like to dive more in-depth into the business side of running an airline. One day, he would like to be the boss and either run or own an airline. Anstett’s ideal work environment is one built around teamwork. Everyone is equal and each person’s contributions are recognized. He likes thinking on his feet when new challenges arrive. Equipped with a strong work ethic, Anstett is a  dependable, hardworking leader who sets and accomplishes goals. If he’s not home in New York snowmobiling in the cold, you will find him near water, doing anything from laying at the beach to kayaking.


Ramsey-BangaRamsey Banga
Hometown: Jacksonville
Major: MBA – Business Administration

Banga credits the knowledge he has gained from his MBA classes in helping him to become a more efficient manager at Mayo Clinic. In addition to better managing a team, he has also become a more team-oriented employee when needed.  As a Construction Manager, managing a team is key to a project’s outcome. Banga prefers an an environment that provides an opportunity to learn and grow within the organization. At the same time, an organization should promote a healthy work-life balance that supports the efforts of its employees to split their time and energy between work and the other important aspects of their lives. A self-motivated employee, Banga gets the job done, even while managing several projects. He makes it a point to effectively communicate, coordinate and deliver each project on time with a happy client. He enjoys coaching his son’s youth soccer team, and has worked with the same group of kids for a couple of seasons. Nothing has been more rewarding than watching them grow together and succeed as a team.


Stormie-BaylorStormie Baylor
Hometown: Jacksonville
Major: Finance & Business Management

Most interested in actuarial science with aspirations of being an actuary, Baylor prefers a work environment that lets her grow professionally and provides an opportunity to attain a leadership position. She has earned numerous awards and honors for her leadership, including membership in the National Society for Leadership and Success and the American Legion’s Courage, Honor and Leadership Award. She brings a  great work ethic, high energy, strong motivation and deep commitment. Loyal, determined and dependable, she enjoys giving back to the community. She also likes surfing, hunting, fishing, kayaking, boating and spending time with her family and boyfriend.



Abigail-BristlinAbigail Bristlin
Hometown: Virginia Beach, Va.
Major: MBA in Management, BBA Marketing, BBA Management

Bristlin likes people-oriented management areas like organizational behavior and leadership, though she does enjoy data entry as well. Her ideal work environment is structured but relaxed. She likes the freedom to be creative but in moderation. She prefers to have time lines and benchmarks as guides so that she does not have to shoot in the dark. A go-getter with the initiative to get things done, Bristlin does everything with a smile and is as polite as possible at all times. Outside of school, her interests are antiques, cooking and her 80-pound labradoodle, Daisy, who she likes to take to the dog park.



Victoria-BrownVictoria Brown
Hometown: Plano, Texas
Major: Aviation Management

Brown has learned through her course studies, an internship and participating in team sports that people are a company’s most important asset. A company’s success depends on employees working together to support its mission, she says. Brown is interested in accounting, human resources and management. She is excited to gain real world experience and to learn how she can use her skills to contribute to a company’s growth and strategic plan. Her ideal work environment is people oriented, collaborative, encourages open communication and has ample growth potential. She desires diverse responsibilities to learn and appreciate all aspects of business. A hard worker with an abundance of energy, Brown plays Division I softball and will graduate with Honors in three years. She realizes the importance of teamwork versus self to reach a goal. Her interests outside of school are spending time with family and friends, traveling anywhere and everywhere, flying planes, reading and going to the beach.


Joshua-BrumleyJoshua Brumley
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Major: JD/MBA

Most interested in corporate law, Brumley wants to found the first business law firm on Mars. His ideal work environment would foster positivity. This would include open and honest communication for all levels of the organization, and praise for a job well done. When hard work is appropriately rewarded and duly recognized by management, employees will naturally feel valued by the organization for what they put in, he says. When an employee feels valued, he will naturally continue to contribute to the success of the organization. His interests include traveling and competitions through his involvement in the #1 nationally ranked Moot court team at Florida Coastal School of Law. He also likes listening to records, eating cookies, and supporting social change movements.


Stacey-ByczekStacey Byczek
Hometown: Sarasota, Fla.
Major: Aviation Management & Flight Operations

Byczek loves the aviation industry and her internship with Delta Air Lines. She has learned much about the behind the scenes aspects of an airline and wants to keep learning. Byczek likes working in an environment where she has a good, positive team of peers and leaders, but also the ability and responsibility to accomplish projects on her own. Hard working and driven, she does her best to succeed at any position. School has always been a huge focus for but she has also made an effort to keep a balanced life. She is a high achieving student while balancing a job, various sports and clubs and other outside activities. She also enjoys the beach, animals, yoga and hanging out with friends.



Marissa-ChodorowMarissa Chodorow
Hometown: Melbourne Beach, FL
Major: Business Management

Though she is a business management major, Chodorow would like to go somewhere in law, and is open to possibilities that combine law and a business setting. Chodorow prefers a work environment that allows her to grow both professionally and intellectually. She values a teamwork environment that allows collaboration to achieve end goals but also recognizes individual effort. Chodorow is self-motivated and driven to always produce her best work. She strives to succeed and is always willing to adapt and to learn from new situations. As a hardworking student,  she does her best academically to reach her future goals of law school while socially trying to expand my horizons within the honors communities. She wants to make a positive impact on the Jacksonville community by making personal connections and by putting herself out in business situations and groups. She also  enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with friends and family.


Kevin-ConnerKevin Conner
Hometown: Gainesville, Fla.
Major: JD/MBA Program

Conner is interested in corporate management and the decision making process of the business. He believes that strategic planning, forecasting, and long-term business decisions are essential to the organization, and that they require a unique set of skills to manage and operate. His ideal work environment is a teamwork atmosphere that allows for individuals and the company to grow. These individuals would be invested in the outcome of the business and take pride in the work being accomplished. The company, as a whole, would focus on promoting leadership, success, and hard work and providing opportunities for continued growth. Dedicated, passionate and hardworking, Conner enjoys working with people and learning new skills. He takes it upon himself to see that tasks are completed efficiently and with the utmost quality. He also ensures that team members and fellow employees are enjoying their work experience and performing at their highest level. He likes challenges and will work endlessly to achieve success in all aspects of my job. His interests outside of school include being outdoors and participating in community fundraisers. He also enjoys music, sports, politics, history and law.

Todd-DebiakTodd Debiak
Hometown: New York
Major: JD/MBA

In addition to his MBA, Debiak will also graduate with a law degree from Florida Coastal School of Law. He has found that law school has really developed his approach to business in a unique way.  It helps him to be forward thinking and to view the big picture, which enables him to identify and interpret possible issues before they occur. He has also enjoyed JU courses focused on problem solving in business operations. Debiak thrives in an environment that embraces and rewards creativity and entrepreneurship. He wants to work for an employer that invests in its talent and their personal and professional development.      He is an innovative, authentic problem solver. His dual degree demonstrates his energy and ambition. He also has a diverse background with a wide range of skills and knowledge in different areas of business. His interests include playing intramural sports, watching college football and reading historical novels or biographies.

David-DiBagnoDavid DiBagno
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Penn.
Major: Finance

DiBagno has become fond of business statistics and quantitative business methods while at JU. He likes analyzing numbers to find the facts about a project or company, and is interested in corporate finance and money markets. His ideal work environment would be highly structured with strong leadership, teamwork, and core values. It would be a collaborative atmosphere but with independent work still present. He would like to work at a place where he can learn from others, have a work-life balance,and grow in all facets of life. He has a strong work ethic, and perseveres  through adversity and uncertainty. DiBagno likes to bring a fun, positive attitude to any environment. He enjoys being a part of something bigger than himself. He likes spending time with family and friends, reading, exploring new places, shotgun shooting, anything involving cars and just enjoying life.


Matthew-DiPaoloMatthew DiPaolo
Hometown: Detroit, Mich.
Major: MBA – Leadership Development

DiPaolo consistently scores at the top of his class, and enjoys collaborating with classmates on presentations and group projects. He values encouraging diverse personalities to mesh in both school and workplace environments. His JU studies quickly found applications at work, as his leadership of a new strategic team at CSX requires him to often rely on concepts and ideas he learned at JU to help drive his corporate teams’ success. Developing workforce talent, while simultaneously assessing and refining his own leadership style, holds fundamental importance to DiPaolo. He knows that teams can deliver unexpectedly great things if given the opportunity. His interests outside of school include personal fitness and sports, especially Gator football. He began competing in triathlons, including Ironman distance, in 2000, and has been graciously losing races to his wife, Sara, since 2008. The couple has two daughters, Christine and Alexis, and three German Shepherds. They can often be found sweating at swim meets or wandering in the woods trying not to step on snakes.

Faith-DoskiFaith Doski
Hometown: Jacksonville
Major: Finance

Doski is interested in the financial realm of international business, specifically the way countries manage and function their economies. Finance makes the world turn and is fascinating, she says. Ideally, she could work from anywhere she chose, with a team of encouraging and motivated individuals. Each day would be different to allow creativity to flow. Doski is never afraid to think outside the box to gain knowledge and solve problems. She maintains a positive attitude and works well in a team. Her  interests outside of school include politics, art, traveling, volunteering with children and animals, and spending time with family and friends.

Robert-DoughertyRobert Dougherty
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Major: Aviation Management

Dougherty is most interested in revenue management, network planning and safety analysis. He wants to work on analytics in one of these areas, preferably for a consulting firm or for a major or regional airline. His ideal work environment would be fast paced, competitive and people oriented. He enjoys motivating people and working in a high energy, team-based environment, where he has the ability and authority to make strategic decisions on projects he leads. Highly motivated and passionate about everything he does, Dougherty is a self starter who has founded four organizations at JU. He considers his initiative and ability to ask the right questions to be his strongest attributes. His interests include aviation, leadership development, entrepreneurship, commercial space travel and government. He is president of Alpha Eta Rho, an Aviation International Fraternity; president of the National Society of Leadership and Success, vice president of the Davis Entrepreneurs Organization, a member of the National Space Society, and a Davis College of Business Representative in the Jacksonville University Student Alliance.

John-Scott-DrenningJohn Drenning
Hometown: Harleysville, Penn.
Major: Sport Business

Drenning likes the facility management and group sales aspects of sport business. His ideal work environment would be the front office of a professional sports team or a college athletic department. Drenning retired from the United States Navy in 2012 and moved back to the Jacksonville area a year ago.  Because he and his wife have made Jacksonville their home after 28 years in the military, his employment interests revolve exclusively around local colleges and sports teams.
His next employer should hire him because he will possess a degree in sport business from a university recognized as a leader in business education, Drenning says. He will also bring military leadership experience.  When he retired from the Navy, he was part of a leadership triad at the National Security Agency in Fort Meade, Md., responsible for the morale, advancement, training, education, housing, and discipline for more than 1,800 sailors. An avid baseball fan, Drenning has attended games in 19 different major league stadiums. He also enjoys taking Caribbean cruises and deep sea fishing.

Lauren-FeinerLauren Feiner
Hometown: New Hartford, NY
Major: MBA

With her MBA and work experience in financial analytics and marketing strategy, Feiner is interested in business development, mergers and acquisitions, and new product development. She also enjoys using database analytics to create sound financial models for any industry. As a Director of Marketing, her ideal work environment is one in which creativity and innovation flow freely. She also likes autonomy to make strategic decisions and a wide scope of responsibilities. The organization should value a work-life balance and have a strong set of business ethics as well. Feiner says her future employer would benefit from her tenacious work ethic, passionate enthusiasm, and logical approach to problem-solving. She thrives in a challenging environment and believes in adaptability and an environment of constant learning. Outside of school, she enjoys traveling internationally and experiencing the diversity of new cultures. She is also a member of the Leadership Jacksonville Class of 2015, and on fundraising boards for the Jewish Community Alliance.

Milana-GiloMilana Gilo
Hometown: Jacksonville
Major: Accounting

Most interested in internal and external audits and advisory work, Gilo would like to work for a large, secure company, where she could grow professionally and intellectually in a formal setting. She wants to be challenged but to also have the ability to have a work-life balance. The company’s culture should be team oriented and focused on delivering real measurable results while still maintaining a friendly and respectful work environment. She would also like to see diversity among employees. Gilo is determined, self-motivated, passionate, optimistic, eager to learn, punctual, and has great social skills. Her interests outside of school include networking, rowing, volunteering, autocrossing, exercising, traveling, singing and acting.


John-GislasonJohn Gislason
Hometown: Fort Myers, Fla.
Major: Business Management

Though he is a management major, Gislason finds marketing and advertising to be two areas that provide for a lot of intellectually stimulating and creative thinking. His ideal work environment would be one that allows for a lot of collaboration and cooperation across multiple departments with a certain level of autonomy to encourage free-thinking and progress towards goal completion. As  a young professional entering the business world, he can provide creative and innovative outlooks to problem solving. He also has real world experience.  In addition to the different job opportunities that he has been afforded, he has also held leadership positions in multiple areas of JU, where he has been able to plan and coordinate events and further develop my leadership capabilities. He ready to make a difference for the company he works for in the future. While keeping busy with clubs and organizations like Greek Life, Honors Association, and JUSA, he also plays intramural sports (softball and football are his favorite), works out between classes and relaxes with friends and fraternity brothers. Whenever he has free time, which isn’t often, he also enjoys playing the piano.

Duncan-Graham-newDuncan Graham
Hometown: Dundee, Scotland
Major: EMBA Leadership Development

Graham has found every course that he has completed to be of tremendous value. He says hey have provided him an with a glorious opportunity to learn; not only the intricacies of the particular subject, but arguably more importantly, to learn about himself. He considers this the greatest take-away of them all. His ideal work environment is based on the pillars of innovation, employee growth and welfare, and corporate social responsibility. In short, an organization that he would be proud to work for. Not only does he have vast experience in his chosen field, but following his continued educational path within Jacksonville University’s EMBA program, he can now complement this with a deep-rooted and sustainable ability to think critically, to lead effectively and to be courageous in the face of risk. His interests outside of school focus primarily on his family and friends. He also loves to travel internationally, keep up with worldwide current affairs and, when time permits, hack around Jacksonville’s beautiful golf courses.


Kirsten-GriffinKirsten Griffin
Hometown: Jacksonville Beach
Major: MBA – Management Focus

Griffin is extremely interested in leadership and senior leadership teams. She finds the way they interact extremely fascinating and the success or failure of organizations is based on the decisions they make. The management courses themselves were also interesting, particularly the different methodologies or approaches for managing teams that were explored. Her  ideal work environment has a positive culture where interpersonal camaraderie is high. Upper management focuses on fostering an environment for company growth while challenging employees to achieve. Griffin has a relentless work ethic and an unmatched desire to be the best. During her time in the MBA program, she has honed her project management, time management and leadership skills. She will bring experience, energy and expertise to her next role. An avid runner who also enjoys Bikram yoga, Griffin likes spending time with family and friends when she is not consumed by school or work.


Ellis-HarrEllis Harr
Hometown: Chattanooga, Tenn.
Major: International Business & English

Harr is interested in international business because of his enthusiasm for travel and his love of cultural immersion. He appreciated the learning oriented environment when he worked in the purchasing department of a Fortune 500 company, which he considered a nice complement to the personal interaction he has experienced as a student ambassador. Harr would prefer a fast-paced job in a vibrant city. He is willing to work long hours if he is passionate about a company’s vision and can grow as an individual. Passionate about the pursuit of knowledge and the attainment of higher learning, he pushes himself relentlessly for both class assignments and personal hobbies because he wants to accomplish more in a shorter period of time. A former rower, the current president of his fraternity, and an avid student, Harr knows the importance of leadership, teamwork, and study. His interests include literature, travel, wine (specifically the red wines of northern Spain and the white wines of Germany), art, writing, history and running.

Samuel-HelmsSamuel Helms
Hometown: Jacksonville
Major: Management

Helms has enjoyed learning the intricacies of economics as well as getting a better idea of the financial aspects of operating a major company. In his previous career in the U.S. military, he never worried about the hidden costs of conducting business. Now however,  he knows how important it really is to consider the dangers of operating without a care for finances. Helms likes his current work environment because management is concerned for the welfare of the employees, as well as ensuring that the business remains a viable force in its industry. The company is always looking for ways to improve. Helms wants  to complete his career with his current company, then take his investments and nest egg to an island in the Caribbean, where he will open his own small bar. He always enjoyed the island life and atmosphere of the local taverns in many of the places he visited during his military career. His interests include almost all sports, motorcycles,and music. He is also an “On-Air personality” for an Internet radio station, doing a weekly two-hour show that presents music from around the world.

Dona-JadwinDona Jadwin
Hometown: Jacksonville
Major: MBA

While completing courses in management, accounting, finance, and international business, Jadwin has focused on enhancing her problem solving, process improvement and leadership skills. As a Contract Manager at CSX, she puts these skills into practice while working for a company with a strong organizational culture that values diversity and integrity. CSX continues to provide her with opportunities for professional development on a daily basis. She looks forward to work every day because she is making a difference both for the customers she serves and her colleagues. Jadwin is a productive, dependable, self-motivated, results driven team-player who embraces and facilitates change. She is energetic, outgoing and sincere. These character traits help her to build positive collaborative relationships with business partners and customers. As an amateur runner, Jadwin often participates in regional and international charitable events. She enjoys hiking, kayaking and orienteering. Relaxing with a good book is also a favorite pastime.

Kevin-JohansenKevin Johansen
Hometown: Gretna, La.
Major: MBA

Johansen is about three-quarters of the way through the MBA program and so far the most intriguing coursework has been marketing and quantitative courses. Both of these apply to his current employment with Acosta Sales and Marketing. He can apply what he learns in the classroom. His undergraduate degree was a B.S. in Psychology because he was curious about why people behave the way they do. Any time someone asks him which classes he enjoys the most at JU, it boils down to which classes allow him to try to understand the “Why” that surrounds people’s actions. His ideal work environment is one where no one is afraid to ask questions. It is  important to have a willing and able group of coworkers and supervisors who want to help employees learn something new each day. He also enjoys a challenging environment that allows him to learn new skills and sometimes pushes him out of his comfort zone. One thing he can guarantee an employer is that no matter what the circumstance, he will always be willing to learn or try something new. Johansen enjoys anything that involves the outdoors, his family, his dogs, and of course his wife. His main hobbies are hunting, fishing, mountain biking, and DIY projects. He also enjoys a good video game binge as well as cooking for family and friends.

Kerri-Johnson---newKerri Johnson
Hometown: East Bethel, Minn.
Major: Executive MBA

Every course in JU’s Executive MBA program has allowed Johnson to evaluate her strengths and weaknesses. She has also identified personal and professional growth opportunities to advance her career. She has also been fortunate enough to have experienced her ideal work environment firsthand; it involved leaders who had a vision, set clear expectations and had the ability to inspire others within the organization. Their commitment to success was evident and that fostered genuine respect and loyalty amongst everyone on the team. Johnson’s  greatest asset is her ambition and passion for excellence. These two characteristics have been the foundation of her steadfast pursuit of success. Outside of school, Johnson enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling to new places and listening to music.


Jason-LaguerreJason Laguerre
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Major: Accounting

Laguerre likes financial and managerial accounting. While in accounting class, he has found that financial statements and other accounting tools are exciting. He plan on working for one of the big four accounting firms before eventually progressing into corporate leadership. In his ideal work environment, Laguerre would not be confined by tedious, routine tasks. He wants to explore the realms of creativity and compete with his colleagues. Laguerre is the epitome of determination. Whether it was financial reasons or life just deciding to throw unexpected haymakers his way, he has stood his ground and persevered through adversity. He is the first member of his family to go to college. His interests are sports, financial management, and bettering himself.


Krista-LambertiKrista Lamberti
Hometown: Miami, Fla.
Major: Business Management with Minor in Dance

Lamberti has found that the classes that interest her most are ones specifically tailored to management. In fact, the most interesting course she has taken so far has simply been Principles of Management. She knows she would like to be in this field because class assignments do not feel like work. She genuinely enjoys the subject. Her ideal work environment would be at a company that encourages creativity in business transaction and development. She likes working with others and brainstorming different ideas to create something completely new. As a homeschooler, Lamberti always needed to have a certain level of self-motivation within her school work. This characteristic has developed into her work ethic.Outgoing and hardworking, she strives to get things done right and in a timely manner. Outside of school, she enjoys dancing, getting involved in organizations, outdoor activities, and volunteering.


Bisi-OgunjmoBisi Ogunjumo, AAI, AINS, AIS, ARM
Hometown: Dundee, United Kingdom
Major: MBA

Most interested in insurance & risk management, quality management and process audits, Ogunjumo is dedicated to her professional and leadership development, as evidenced by the fact that she has obtained several professional designations while employed full time. She has also enhanced her leadership development by attending events that are not part of the required MBA Leadership Development Portfolio. Her high grade point average and nomination by her current employer to lead a team, coupled with positive year end work evaluations, prove that she is a talented professional who is enthusiastic about providing quality results.
Ogunjumo enjoys a culturally diverse workplace that fosters teamwork and allows flex time. She  thrives in a fast-paced environment where there are multiple projects and or priorities to juggle. Most importantly, she prefers to work in a place that encourages professional development by providing training opportunities to its employees and where advancement is based on merit not seniority. She is adaptable, abhors mediocrity and always gives 100% to any task. She enjoys biking, reading and traveling. She also loves to volunteer with non-profit organizations when time permits.

Priyesh-PatelPriyesh Patel
Hometown: Jacksonville
Major: MBA

Experienced in financial analysis, Patel is constantly watching for new trends. Finances are not only his job, but also his hobby. Patel’s ideal work environment is one where there is freedom to work toward a goal with a strategy that works best for the company, its customers, and the individual. It should allow for and encourage collaboration with peers who are moving towards similar goals. Patel has 10 years of progressive finance experience. Throughout his career, he has shown leadership, analytic abilities, and strong technical skills. He has gained an important understanding of communication with others at all levels with various backgrounds. He also has significant experience implementing processes and systems. Outside of school, he is an avid golfer and loves watching football.


Kayla-PetreyKayla Petrey
Hometown: Jacksonville
Major: MBA

Petrey is most interested in accounting and economics. Learning how the accounting cycle and financial statement analysis influences the managerial decision-making process has advanced her understanding of day-to-day operations in her current role with Brightway Insurance. Petrey enjoys working for an organization that offers opportunities for advancement and supports the growth of their employees by providing developmental training. Working in an environment that provides transparent and open communication is ideal and essential for effective workplace relationships. She has a strong work ethic, excellent leadership skills and delivers exceptional results.Detail oriented, she is efficient at suggesting and implementing improvements to current work procedures. She is also experienced in delivering results through my research and analytical abilities. Her interests outside of school include outdoor activities, such as attending football games, cheerleading and fishing. One of her favorite hobbies is designing and sewing her own clothing for sporting events.

Juan-RomeroJuan Romero
Hometown: Neiva, Colombia
Major: MBA with a Finance Management Concentration

For Romero, making good grades in school only constitutes part of being a top talent. How he carries himself outside of the classroom defines him as a human being. Not only does he hear people, he actually listens to what they have to say and understands each of their respective points of view. After years of being immersed in different cultures, Romero has positioned himself as a leader within his community. His personal definition of being a leader isn’t someone who dictates or is a shot caller, rather, a mediator who aids anyone in the transition of where they are to where they want to be. His ideal work environment is fast paced, competitive, hands on and respectful. Most importantly, everyone is synced to the company’s vision. Finance, management, and leadership interest him most. Romero says that his next employer should hire him because he is not afraid to say, “I don’t know.” But he’ll definitely find out and learn. His interests include mixed martial arts, especially jiu-jitsu, watching sports, skimboarding and constantly meeting new people.

Victoria-SeitzVictoria Seitz
Hometown: Baltimore, Md.
Major: Accounting & Finance

Seitz is interested in not-for-profit accounting, auditing and real estate finance. She prefers a competitive office environment where there is an incentive to keep pushing yourself to move up in an organization. She likes collaborating as part of a team but also values individual responsibilities. Seitz would  bring a  millennial point of view to an organization, along with a mindset for the next generation of ideas. She can make a positive impact with her determination and dedication. Outside of school, her interests are playing Division One lacrosse, helping develop the North Florida youth lacrosse community, photography and the beach.



Catherine-SmithCatherine Smith
Hometown: Detroit
Major: Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

Smith’s passion is people. She likes helping others, whether it’s a coworker, client, employee, or vendor. So, she naturally gravitated toward human resources, employee benefits and quality management. She loves finding ways to increase morale, improving policies and procedures, creating workflows to implement efficiencies, analyzing issues related to compliance, and monitoring goal measurements. Her ideal work environment is one where it feels like a family. She takes her job seriously but finds little ways to make the environment fun. For example, she created “High Five Awards” to acknowledge coworkers who go above and beyond to help others. A hard worker who learns fast, Smith prides herself on quality and quantity. She believes in staying positive and finding solutions.
Smith enjoys reading books. She also writes poetry, and her first poem was published at the age of 13. She has also been the co-captain of her company’s Light The Night for Leukemia campaign and continues to participate in the annual walk Downtown. Recently, she accepted her invitation to join the Beta Gamma Sigma, the premier honor society recognizing business excellence.

Nancy-SosaNancy Sosa
Hometown: Orange, NJ
Major: MBA – Management Concentration

Sosa is very interested in leadership and organizational behavior. She hopes to pursue her PhD with the eventual goal of transitioning into academia. Her ideal work environment would be relaxed and collaborative in nature. Employee innovation and input would be valued and seen as an asset. She would enjoy working in a place that is team focused and fun, and maintains a respect for employees’ work-life balance. Highly adaptable and self motivated, Sosa strives for continuous self improvement and regards continuing education as a vital tool to maintain one’s competitive edge. She welcomes new responsibilities and challenges and works hard to ensure that she is an asset to an organization. A history buff, Sosa loves to travel and visit historical places. She also enjoys spending time at the beach with her husband and son. As Disney enthusiasts, they are annual pass holders who spend a lot of time enjoying the Disney magic. She likes roller coasters and would love to someday travel the world and ride everything on her “scariest coasters”  bucket list.

Toi-TannerToi Tanner
Hometown: Jacksonville
Major: Marketing and Business Management

Tanner chose marketing because it is all about satisfying the consumers in their environment and finding new and innovative ways to do so. At this time she is employed by the City of Jacksonville. She assists with the production of events such as the Jacksonville Jazz Festival, Georgia vs Florida Football Classic, World of Nations, Veteran’s Day Parade and other major city events. Her ideal work environment enables her to excel individually as well as in a team setting. In producing events, she loves to work on a project and then see her community benefiting from all of her hard work. Tanner views all of her work as an extension of herself and always wants to make sure that both she and her work live up to her employer’s expectations. Outside of school, she spends most of her time at home, relaxing and preparing for work and school. She also spends time with family and friends.


Samantha-TurnerSamantha Turner
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Major: Marketing & Management

Consumer behavior interests Turner because it involves in-depth research into why consumers buy and what affects their buying habits. This can include factors such as culture, social, and political environments. She is fascinated by the levels of analysis that you can potentially research. Her ideal working environment is one where every day provides a different task. She likes an environment where people can grow. This provides healthy competition and a way for people and jobs to become more efficient, she says. Turner provides an innovative and driven perspective on how to create strategic decisions on problems in marketing and management dilemmas. She has created many marketing and business prototypes and is developing a business plan that incorporates creating a new product. She devotes most of her time to excelling in academics and on the JU track and field team. She also is constantly involved in leadership-oriented events, such as seminars and mentorship programs. Turner is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. She also just joined the Brumos Circle of Excellence. She likes to go to the JU volleyball games, JU theatre productions, and JU international business club events.

Julian-VazquezJuliana Vazquez
Hometown: Pernambuco, Brazil
Major: MBA

Although Vazquez has succeeded at the opportunities that she has been given as a student and flight instructor, she is still reaching to broaden her horizons. She currently has an opportunity to create and release a record, which is something that has been a dream of hers since she was a little girl. Her ultimate goal, however, is to be a business owner, empowering men and women to fly and to become model citizens. Aside from her employment history and dreams, what sets her apart from others is her enthusiasm and life experiences. Moving to this country from Brazil has taught her the importance of hard work, flexibility, and concise communications. Most of all, it has taught her to appreciate each opportunity. Vazquez thrives in a dynamic, teamwork-oriented environment where employees are empowered to create and take initiatives. Most interested in international business and project management, she is a highly self motivated individual who is eager to learn and constantly improve. Outside of school she enjoys flying, traveling, decorating and creating artistic projects, including music and paintings.

Brandi-WalkerBrandi Walker
Hometown: Callahan, FL
Major: Accounting & Finance

Walker is interested in tax practice and audit work. Her main objective is to affirm her life and career goals, one of which is becoming a CPA. Her ideal work environment would be one that promotes employee development both professionally and intellectually. She would also like an environment that encourages team collaboration and support. Along with that, it would be flexible and promote a work-life balance that even extends to community involvement. Walker manages her time well, and prioritizes projects to meet deadlines. She is willing to put in the extra early morning and late night hours during busy season. She is a quick adapter, particularly in learning new software. Her prior internships have given her key skills such as effective team communication and collaboration and a general understanding of a firm and its busy season expectancies. Outside of school, Walker enjoys being active. She plays volleyball, soccer and softball whenever she gets the chance. She is also an avid baseball fan and enjoys DIY projects such as making pallet furniture. One of her greatest joys is relaxing and appreciating the beauty and simplicity of life.

Brett-WickizerBrett Wickizer
Hometown: The Woodlands, Texas
Major: Aviation Management and Flight Operations

Wickizer’s ideal work environment is moving just below the speed of sound at 35,000 feet. He is interested in most any job that lands him in the cockpit of an airplane. This could mean anything, from the captain of a wide body airliner flying international routes to a personal pilot for a wealthy individual. One day, he may be involved with aircraft sales and management. Wickizer is a certified flight instructor and also captain of the 2014 JU Flight Team, in charge of preparing a small team of aviators to compete against the likes of giants such as Embry Riddle. Outside of school, he is involved with competitive radio-controlled airplane aerobatics. His passion for this has seen him compete on four continents and at three world championships representing the United States. He has also co-founded a business that provides high quality competition airframes, accessories, and a large database of knowledge in the form of a blog that he has created. When he has free time, Wickizer enjoys blowing glass as a creative release.


Hannes-WitteHannes Witte
Hometown: Rostock, Germany
Major: MBA

Within JU’s MBA program, Witte’s main targets of interest were corporate and business strategy, marketing (especially intrapreneurship) and leadership. Witte’s ideal work environment would provide a level of stability that allows him to identify with the organization and its strategy. It should also offer the right infrastructure and mindset to support innovation and creativity. Witte is an extremely driven and goal-oriented person who enjoys learning new things and has the ability to think outside of the box. Supporting shifts to new paradigms, Witte does not hesitate to question established processes and structures to suggest pragmatic solutions. During Witte’s studies and career, he has successfully shown exceptional coordination skills and flexibility within his international experience. An essential driver of innovation, Witte values human capital as the most important asset of an organization. Witte’s interests outside of school include sports, science, learning and the stock market.

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