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A Live or Die Decision

The title may be overstating things a bit, but every small and growing business is faced with seemingly game-changing decisions. It could be buying equipment, hiring a key employee or even taking on an investor.

As a small business, we don’t  have the luxury of the Fortune 500 crowd, whose good decisions affect the bottom line in a linear way. A smooth trajectory on a bar chart is comforting to management and Wall Street alike.

stairsIf you look at your own bar chart that tracks your expenses, it likely looks like stairs. And that’s if you are lucky!  With every big decision there is a period of pain before we can reap the rewards of our wisdom.

Deciding where you will house your business is one of those major decisions that may impact  your success. Surely, you will consider such factors as location, square footage, traffic count and of course cost.

Also, should you lease or buy? This is another one of those big decisions that will impact your personal wealth, perhaps even more than it appears on your profit and loss statement.  There is no one correct answer and if you ask different people you will likely get different perspectives.

Coming up on November 5th, in a LIVE event, we have pulled together experts that will help you through the decision process. You can see more details of this on page 31. (or click here for the event page)

In that spirit, we did an assessment of different parts of town that may help you make some better decisions. For the color commentary, we chatted with Paul Porter of Watson Commercial Realty for his personal opinions.

As we bring 2014 to a close, we hope this helps you navigate your future and climb those stairs.

Until next time,

Brian Barquilla



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