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Virtual CIO becomes Evocio

evocioEvocio is the new name for a team of Chief Information Officers that brings high-impact expertise to organizations and companies nationally. A growing organization, Evocio recognized the need to evolve from its former name, Virtual CIO, to a new brand that recognizes the evolutionary change in information technologies and strategies in today’s business environment.

“The name Evocio is derived from the combination of ‘CIO’ and ‘evolve,’” said CEO Patricia Rittscher. “It reflects our belief that today’s CIO needs to be constantly focused on preparing for the quickly moving opportunities technology can provide. We focus on three objectives: connect, integrate and optimize. These represent what every CIO seeks to do in the midst of a whirlwind of business growth.”

Based in Jacksonville, FL, the team at Evocio is former CIOs, many from large, national companies. This gives them both a breadth of experience and understanding of the issues facing today’s CIO, as well as a deep understanding of the CIO’s role. Not content to simply provide commodity-based IT solutions, Evocio takes a strategic approach to solving problems, maximizing efficiencies and constructing a secure technology architecture.

“Evocio helps our clients understand and manage a complex IT environment that is evolving quickly. Because we have been in the CIO role, we deeply appreciate the many competing priorities a CIO faces today,” said President Allen Rittscher. “Whether it is budget impact, policies, human resources or security, there are a myriad of critical IT issues in most organizations. Our company is positioned to assist the CIO for specific issues or projects, or, for a company that lacks a CIO, to excel in that capacity.”

Clients seek out Evocio for their strategic input and ability to control costs by leveraging their experience. Marc Carlson, CFO for Meridian, said Evocio was a valuable partner on its team.

“Meridian engaged Evocio to provide insight on the current state of our systems and provide us with strategic guidance on how best to proceed with some top priority investments we were contemplating,” Carlson said. “Evocio brought an understanding of our current capabilities and gave us valuable recommendations for moving forward. Ultimately, with their help, we have successfully completed several key projects, including an improvement in our accounting software system, providing a more streamlined payroll and billing process, and a VoIP implementation that has greatly improved our ability to communicate as a business with our clients, workforce and ourselves, while leveraging a lower total cost of ownership.”

With the name change, Evocio also has launched a new website at The website includes information about the company leadership. For more information, contact Evocio at 904.701.1648.

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