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Orange/MZI Healthcare changes name to Citra Health Solutions

– Citra Will Continue To Offer Simplified Solutions for Providers, Payers, and Patients –

citra logoOrange Health Solutions combined with their recently acquired MZI Healthcare will now operate under the name Citra Health Solutions (Citra). The name change introduces an updated brand to better address how Citra’s services simplify the business of healthcare. The company will begin rolling out the new brand at this week’s Allscripts Client Experience (ACE 2014) conference in Chicago.

Citra will continue to provide the tools and support that allow customers to stay laser-focused on improved patient outcomes and business efficiency while increasing financial return. “We feel that the name ‘Citra’ and our updated brand and tagline better portray our ability to provide a suite of tools and services that extract the power of health data to improve practice efficiency and individual health outcomes,” said Howard Buff, CEO and co-founder of Citra.

The company provides strategic advising, value-based management, patient engagement, care programming, quality improvement programming, client benefit administration, claims adjudication, and technical care management capabilities.

“Our current customers should rest assured that they will continue to receive the simplified health solutions and software services they expect from us, including seamless integration of patient care, financial management, and web-based technology,” added Nicole Bradberry, President and co-founder of Citra with Buff.

Citra’s contact information and customer service platform will not change. For more information regarding the name change or services offered by the company, contact Kristi Stovall at

About Citra

Citra Health Solutions, formerly Orange/MZI Healthcare, aligns the needs of providers, payers and patients with a focus on better health and more efficient value-based management. By combining scalable services with technical solutions, Citra enables its partners to optimize business practices while improving health outcomes for patients. To learn more, visit

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