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Two Jacksonville startups find growth and partnership in their own back yard.

MSBCLogoMaple Street Biscuit Company selects ProfileGorilla software to help manage growth and streamline critical information

Maple Street Biscuit Company, a Jacksonville based restaurant group, today announced its selection of ProfileGorilla, a software company also based in Jacksonville, to help manage its back office of administrative information and documents to support upcoming growth of their restaurants.

“We are extremely excited to use ProfileGorilla to help us get organized as we go through this exciting expansion,” says Maple Street Co-Founder Scott Moore. “We have chosen a proactive, committed partner to help keep us focused on our loyal customers rather than get bogged down in administrative jungle that can come with growth.”

Maple Street Biscuits operates restaurants focusing on southern comfort food with a modern twist.  They opened their first location in San Marco in the Fall of 2012 and a second location in Jacksonville Beach in the Summer of 2013. Their third restaurant will soon open in the Murray Hill area with plans to open two other locations in the next 90 days.

“After meeting with the Maple Street Team and learning about their culture and their challenges, we knew it would be a great match,” said ProfileGorilla President Ed Baldwin. “Maple Street is at a point now in their growth, where by implementing a tool like ProfileGorilla to store and manage all of their business records in one system, will allow them to keep their focus on their customers and serving incredible food.  They just happen to be as passionate about Jacksonville as we are, so for both of our companies to be born and growing here is very exciting.”

PGLogoRegularProfileGorilla is a web-based, low cost, software system that allows businesses to store and track information, documents and expirations related to any type of record such as vendors, clients, personnel, contracts and more.  ProfileGorilla launched at the inaugural One Spark Festival in 2013.

Maple Street Biscuit Company Contact:  ** (904) 398-1004 **

Maple Street Corporate Website:

ProfileGorilla Contact:  ** (904) 562-0812**

ProfileGorilla website:

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