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Sensi-Care Services, Inc. now at Beaver Street Enterprise Center


Sensi-Care Services, Inc. is addressing a growing need in the aging population of Northeast Florida. “There are too many people being placed in nursing facilities when they would be happier and healthier living in their own homes. We offer the services that can make it possible for them to age in place,” said Beverly Davis, Founder and CEO of Sensi-Care Services, Inc.

Beverly DavisAfter retiring from her career as a U.S. Naval Officer, working predominantly in human services, Davis earned her Masters Degree in Health with a concentration in Aging Services Management at the University of North Florida. Rotating through several departments at both the VA Nursing Home and at Westminster Woods Continuing Care Retirement Community, Davis also earned her certification as an Assisted Living Administrator. Her time spent in the nursing homes, both as an intern and as a volunteer, confirmed her resolve to become a provider of non-medical home care services for the elderly. “The staff to resident ratio at even the best of nursing homes makes it impossible to maintain the one-on-one relationship and physical independence necessary for optimal physical, mental and emotional well-being,” said Davis, whose vision is for Sensi-Care Services, Inc. to fill the gap between independent and assisted living for the elderly.

“There’s a stark difference between being stuck in a wheelchair because there’s no one with time to help you walk from Point A to Point B, and having the help you need to maintain your mobility,”Davis insists. “It’s better for your internal organs as well as your psyche to move rather than be moved.”

Currently the long term care continuum consists of care at home by families, then on to an assisted living facility and, finally, to a nursing home. Davis contends that home health care is a viable option that will save seniors from the trauma of leaving their comfortable home environment and being thrust into new surroundings with strangers. Even the cost of living in a nursing home as compared to the much lower cost of in-home care is a positive factor for a new long-term care continuum in this aging society of the 21st century.

sensi careWith their mission statement, “Improving Quality of Life through Outstanding Care Service,” and their new logo representing a warm, compassionate hug, Sensi-Care Services, Inc. has chosen to launch their company at Beaver Street Enterprise Center, Jacksonville’s oldest and finest business incubator. “It just makes sense to headquarter in an established facility that provides the same kind of nurturing support services to companies that we will supply to our clients,” said Davis, whose competent, caring staff will begin providing services to the community as of July 1, 2014.

“We’re honored that Beverly Davis has chosen to grow her new business at Beaver Street Enterprise Center,” said Executive Director Jackie Perry. “Sensi-Care Services, Inc. is just the type of far-sighted company we want to see more of in this community. By providing much-needed service to our seniors, Beverly Davis and her staff will improve the quality of life for all of us.”

The public is invited to meet Davis and her Sensi-Care Services, Inc. staff at their grand opening ceremonies on June 30, 2014, from 4 to 6 p.m. at Beaver Street Enterprise Center. For further information on Sensi-Care Services, Inc., please call 904-466-1922 or 904-265-0752, or email

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