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Ever been kiteboarding? Nope me neither. That is until my wife called my bluff and booked a lesson for me.

kiteboard logoFor quite some time, I have said, “Hey that looks fun, I should try that.”  Thankfully, Robin knows what is good for me and forced me out of my comfort zone with a call to KGB Kiteboards.  My instructor, business owner Sergai, met me right on time at 10th Street South  on Jacksonville Beach.

“What kind of kite flying experience do you have?” Sergai asked.

Being a smarty pants, (and father to two girls) I responded. “Oh I have lots. I have flown a Dora the Explorer kite, and more than one Barbie Kite.”  He didn’t seem too amused, but as I frequently do, I was laughing at my own joke.

Sergai got down to business. Flying a kite is 90 percent of kiteboarding, he said, and proceeded to deploy the three-meter trainer kite. Normally, kites of five meters or larger are flown, depending on conditions.

Park pic 14 smallFor this introductory lesson, we didn’t get in the water, which was fine with me. I had to learn how to control this kite first.

Sergai  taught me how to use the kite to harness the power of the wind for the desired propulsion effect. Sometimes you want a lot, sometimes you don’t.

I felt like I did pretty well, but it will take about another nine to 11 hours of instruction before I’m “good to go,” Sergai said.

That night, I was trolling craigslist to learn about equipment. “Oh no,  you ‘re hooked now,” my wife said. Guilty as charged.

I liked it because it demanded 100 percent of my attention. Not one thought of the stressful day crept  into my mind.  Maybe this is my new outlet.

As you know by now, we asked many of you how you recharge your batteries. There are of course lots of ways, including RVing as we talk about in the following pages.

Sergei 1For me,  I have visions of finishing the workday at the beach for an hour or two of kiteboarding.

If you dial up my cellphone, just leave a message, I’ll call you back.  This is stress relieving in progress.

Thanks Sergai,

Until next time,

Brian Barquilla
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