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One Spark blasts past goal for RocketHub crowdfunding campaign

one spark image for brians letterOne Spark 2014’s successful RocketHub campaign wrapped up today at 1pm, blasting past the set goals by raising a total of $70,556 from 532 contributors. The set goals were $50,000 raised and 500 funders. Campaign funders included a broad cross-section of Jacksonville residents and 108 funders from outside Jacksonville. The average contribution to the campaign was $133.

“We are humbled, empowered and inspired by the generous outpouring of support we received from our funders, and we can’t wait until April to push One Spark beyond what anyone previously thought possible,” said One Spark’s Executive Director Joe Sampson. “Supporters of One Spark carried us significantly past our goals and because of their action, One Spark will continue to grow and expand to reach a global audience in 2014.”

The crowdfunding campaign ran September 1 – October 15, 2014. “Goods,” or rewards for contributing to One Spark’s campaign, included everything from a shout-out on Twitter for a $10 donation to One Spark VIP passes and Legends Series tickets for an $1,000 donation. The full ist of funders and goods is located at:

Last year, One Spark’s initial seed money was raised using online crowdfunding. One Spark raised $106,689 from 411 backers in September 2012 using online crowdfunding, beating the set goal of $90,000 and demonstrating the viability of the project.  The goal amount was reduced this year as One Spark shifts to a business- and community-based sponsorship funding model.


About One Spark:

One Spark, the world’s crowdfunding festival, is committed to fostering environments of creativity and innovation by showcasing artists, entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world for five days every spring in downtown Jacksonville, Fla. Creators are provided a platform to connect their ideas with resources to make it happen. The festival is an interactive experience that allows attendees to support ideas and projects that inspire them and decide on the next big thing. One Spark 2014 will be held April 9-13, 2014. One Spark 2014’s campaign on RocketHub has also been selected for A&E’s PROJECT STARTUP. To learn more or sign up to be a creator or volunteer at One Spark 2014, visit


About RocketHub:

RocketHub is one of the world’s top crowfunding platforms that has recently partnered with A&E Networks. Part of RocketHub’s mission is to educate the public on the power of the crowdfunding model. As a result, the founders have lectured on crowdfunding at top schools and conferences around the globe, and have even testified in the U.S. Congress on the power of online fundraising.


About A&E Partnership:

PROJECT STARTUP is a groundbreaking new partnership between A&E and RocketHub. Whether it’s the Robertsons of “Duck Dynasty,” the buyers on “Storage Wars” or the traders on “Barter Kings,” A&E’s unique brand of original programming emphasizes the new entrepreneurial spirit in the nation today.  By partnering with RocketHub, one of the leaders in crowdfunding, A&E’s PROJECT STARTUP is supporting a new wave of entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers to help bring their businesses to life.


A&E has already selected Edgewater FL based entrepreneur Ron Ben-Zeev for PROJECT STARTUP – and his company World Housing Solution is now featured and funded by the network.

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