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Mac+pc tech pro going global!

Dennis SyrmisThe air of excitement and electricity in the atmosphere at Beaver Street Enterprise Center drew IT expert Dennis Syrmis in, and now he is working on-site with MAC+PC TECH PRO.  When his old friend and former business colleague Jackie Perry invited Syrmis to join Beaver Street’s Tech Advisory Board, he was eager to lend a helping hand to the entrepreneurs who populate the business incubator.  “It’s a great environment,” exclaims Syrmis, “and when I ran into Daren Dillinger and he asked me to come on board at MAC+PC TECH PRO, it was meant to be.  Daren and his wife, Shay, are tech business owners and visionaries who can see the possibilities for global growth and getting there is my area of expertise, so it is a perfect fit.”

An innovative global leader in technology, process improvement, team building, cultural diversity and more in the field of Information Technology, Syrmis recently returned to his hometown of Jacksonville after many years abroad.  He began his career in customer & technical support with seven years at Prudential Insurance, where he met Jackie Perry, who retired from top management at Prudential before becoming Executive Director of Beaver Street Enterprise Center.  During the past two decades, Syrmis’ IT consulting career has taken him to Canada, Greece, India, and throughout the United States.  Prior to going into international consulting, Syrmis was in Senior Management and technical support for IT for VERITAS and Symantec software.

“Dennis brings a vast array of experience to the table at MAC+PC TECH PRO,” said Daren Dillinger.  “Together, we are in the process of devising a strong new business model for the future, using exciting and innovative approaches to customer service in every area, including network design and installation, data recovery, 24/7 emergency on-site support, computer security and protection, off-site data storage both locally and globally, and more.”  One new business solution is, which enables the company to operate virtually in multiple locations.

Now beginning their third year of headquartering at Beaver Street Enterprise Center, having already experienced phenomenal growth in the local community, MAC+PC TECH PRO is poised to begin providing even more technology solutions to the global community.  “Dennis Syrmis adds an international dimension to our already exceptional staff,” said Shay Dillinger.  “We’re excited about firming up and expanding our enterprise support in larger environments around the world, and Dennis is the man who can help us do that.”

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