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Leneer Data Assurance Solutions, Inc now headquartering at Beaver Street Enterprise Center

BSEC-LDAS - Robert LesterFor Robert Lester, founder and CEO of Leneer Data Assurance Solutions (LDAS), headquartering his business at Beaver Street Enterprise Center is a given.  “I was one of this incubator’s pioneer tenants back in 2006 when I invested in a fledgling recording studio,” recalls Lester.  “It’s exciting to return with an established business and access the many advantages offered here.”

Lester, formerly Director and Chief Information Security Officer for First Coast Options in Jacksonville (the Medicare subsidiary of Florida Blue), launched LDAS in 2008 in Jacksonville and began headquartering at Beaver Street in 2012 due, in part, to its Hubzone location.  “We’re a small, swiftly expanding company aggressively pursuing commercial and governmental agencies with the goal of establishing and increasing employment in these Hubzone areas,” said Lester, noting that he hopes to achieve Hubzone certification in addition to his company’s 8(a) certification.

“With the assistance of Tanya Douglas, Alliance Business Consultants, we got our 8(a) certification as a minority-owned firm, and that status has allowed us to establish excellent contracts with the U.S. Department of Labor, Human Health Services and Army MedCom,” said Lester. As a medical staffing firm, LDAS has helped to provide essential treatment for returning veterans, including those with traumatic brain injuries.  In addition to recruiting the specialized medical talent needed by these governmental agencies, LDAS offers the cyber-security expertise to update and audit their security networks, establish Enterprise Security policies, procedures and handbooks, conduct risk assessment of Plan of Actions and Milestones, provide IT Security Education Training Awareness, and more.

A far-sighted entrepreneur who believes in the dual advantages of accessing and providing community resources, Lester is also co-owner of a fitness facility, Crosstraining San Marco, and a believer in economic and educational as well as physical fitness.  He reached out to Edward Waters College and Florida State College-Jacksonville immediately upon opening his LDAS office at Beaver Street.  “We’ve hired students to work part-time for us, hoping they’ll graduate into full-time employment eventually and grow with our company.” Speaking of growth, since 2008, LDAS has expanded to a satellite office in Washington, D.C. and another in Atlanta, Georgia, and the firm’s revenue has increased from $250,000 to a projected $3 Million in revenue in 2013.

Now successfully nurturing his company in a core-city business incubator, Lester endorses Beaver Street Enterprise Center enthusiastically.  “Beaver Street’s services are top-notch,” he says.  “Just the marketing capability provided here would normally cost thousands of dollars, and in terms of providing administrative support, they offer so much more.  The analytics and counseling necessary to improve business practices are all here on a daily basis.”

In addition to increasing revenues and offices, LDAS now has ten full-time and four part-time employees, including a business development team led by Regional Director Adrian Gentry.  “There aren’t many small businesses locally or nationally that specialize in both cyber-security and highly-qualified medical staffing,” said Lester.  “We are establishing a solid presence in the communities we serve and it is our goal to continue reaching out in order to eventually become one of the go-to resources that positively impacts our citizens.”

To contact Robert Lester, call (301) 476-1844 ext. 102 or visit

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