Blaze Trails, Make Lasting Impressions with Smart, Effective Spending

rsz_116602272By Jason Mudd

Spend your dollars wisely – traditional or digital media? Ensure customers remember you and your company. Don’t follow others’ lead when deciding what’s best for your business, blaze a trail.

1. Should You Spend More on Digital?

Lately, companies have been shifting their PR budgets – at least 25 percent – from traditional marketing toward digital/online efforts. While it may seem smart to shift dollars to where the people are, it raises questions that can dramatically affect your profit structure.

Being where the people are does not mean they are buying! Unfortunately, the response to most online publicity work is extremely minimal. When it comes to your digital PR efforts, how realistic should you be about the return on your investment?

Which platform best reaches your potential customers? Will you use the platforms as a medium for customer service and retention or sales or special events and news? Can your messaging actually influence a purchase?

The digital landscape covers a lot of platforms which may or may not suit your needs; how do you find out what’s best for your business? Ask your customers how many brands they follow on Facebook and Twitter and what their expectations are of being a fan/follower.

Understanding the social media habits of your customers could reveal the keys to effective allocation of your dollars.


2. Win a Position in Customers’ Minds

dv1954043Positioning a message in the consumer’s mind – one that will stand out in an already overcrowded memory bank – is one of the most critical strategies for your company’s long-term success.

If your positioning is based on having the lowest price, you’ll find yourself in cluttered territory, easily forgettable and lacking customer loyalty.

Consumers only remember certain things about products, services or companies and what they most easily remember is based on categories. Who was first to do it? Who is the leader? Who offers what no one else provides?

Develop the exclusive claim or position you would like to own in the memory banks of your customers. Once you have chosen that position, your sales-building marketing plan becomes much easier to implement at every level of your business.

Without a specific position, you’ll never be remembered and you’ll never have a real story to tell your customers.


3. The 60-Second Close: Take the Lead

The most important decision you have is how to organize your budget to get the biggest return. For some, the mix may include traditional and digital PR efforts. For others, the dollars will be put toward customer service and providing a memorable purchasing experience.

The biggest mistake you can make is doing what others do. Just because they’re doing it doesn’t mean it’s right for your business.

Aligning your company with a reputable marketing and PR firm can help you critically analyze what is going to work and be profitable for you.

That firm should ask questions, test and plan. They will help you allocate dollars based on what’s best for you in reaching your target market and developing customer loyalty.

By following this manner of thinking you can become the leader in your category.


Jason-Mudd-heashot-1-119x150Jason Mudd, APR is an accredited public relations practitioner. For the past 10 years, he has served as the chairman and CEO of the Axia Public Relations. Axia is a Jacksonville-based, strategic, national PR firm building strong brands and great reputations for companies across the United States. Post your public relations questions to Axia on Twitter at @axiapr or Facebook. Learn more online at

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