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Duggar & Traylor LLC teams with Dignity U Wear – Donations Needed

Join Duggar & Traylor, LLC  in our UNDIE campaign in coordination with Dignity U Wear.  Dignity U Wear is the source of brand new clothing for over 75,000 people in need nationwide every year.  Underwear is the most requested item.  To provide more people with basic human dignity and to meet the incredible need, Dignity created The Undie Campaign.  Duggar & Traylor are collecting cash donations so that Dignity U Wear can purchase underwear is sizes that are needed.  We are also accepting new packages of underwear in all sizes, adults and children.  

Donations can be brought by our offices or  mailed to the office of Duggar & Traylor.  Make check payable to “Dignity U Wear”. Collection ends May 16th.

Address: 9191 RG Skinner Parkway Suite 601, Jacksonville, FL 32256

If you have questions please call 904-725-5100

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