Introducing the Jacksonville Cannons

The Jacksonville Cannons are the newest professional franchise of ultimate to be added to the national roster of the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL). Originally referred to as ultimate Frisbee, this exciting, fast paced game is a non-contact team sport of endurance, athleticism, and aerial passing skills played with a flying disc on a rectangular field.  With diving layouts, hammer throws, and sky catches, it is a spectator sport at its best. Locally, teams are currently playing at the youth, college, and club levels through The Jacksonville Ultimate League (JUL), a local, nonprofit sports league. But the Cannons are the only professional ultimate team in the area.

“Ultimate Frisbee is no walk in the park,” reported CNN. “It’s a fast, furious, and fiercely competitive sport.” With a skilled turn of the wrist, a disc is launched into motion ending in a leaping, one-handed grab, driving cheering fans out of their seats to witness ultimate at its finest.

Cannons owner, William Kilgannon has history playing ultimate, from his days at Bentley University in greater Boston, to his current participation in JUL and Jacksonville’s coed traveling club team, JacksOnJill. He has a personal desire to see the sport of ultimate become an integral part of the sports community in Jacksonville. “It is my mission to offer a fun, affordable, first class entertainment experience to the people of Jacksonville. The success of this franchise will be because of the devoted staff and fans,” he noted. Kilgannon is working closely with the staff of the AUDL and the city to build a dynamic organization.

The AUDL has an active northeast division consisting of eight teams who began their inaugural season in the fall of 2012, in Columbus, Ohio. The Cannons are eagerly anticipating their kick-off season in the spring of 2014, aiming to hold eight home games at a yet-to-be determined facility on Saturday evenings from April through August. “I am thrilled to be working with players and community partners, and can’t wait to meet and welcome the new fans of the Jacksonville Cannons,” Kilgannon shares.

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