The Factory Launches Companies

The Factory released today that it’s startup companies are ready for customers and demonstrating their software products at the One Spark Festival next week. They’ll be located at 140 West Monroe Street, Jacksonville, 32202.

The Factory, a tech startup incubator in St. Augustine founded by software engineering company feature[23], offers a hands-on commitment to tech entrepreneurs in a collaborative workspace, a mentor-driven curriculum, partner networks, software tools, and community activities.

“There’s a lot of work that went into building this the last 18 months. Now, we have a validated, actionable plan. It’s a qualified conversation for both startups and investors,” said Jeremy Vaughan, Principal at feature[23] & Co-founder of The Factory.

The Factory’s model has a well researched approach. They assist these startup companies in not only connecting with resources, but also helping them refine their products — leading to much less waste, faster time to market, and higher quality products.

They’ve ran three (3) startups thus far through a “pilot class”:

Rod Dornsife, co-founder of Restroom Alert, comments: “Starting a new venture is hardly a slam-dunk, but it was clear from the start that The Factory intended to support Jacksonville’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Working with a group of highly motivated entrepreneurs, like those at The Factory, certainly stokes the passion in our team and keeps us on our toes.”

Eric Ordway, co-founder of ProfileGorilla, is excited about the support his team received during the whole process: “ProfileGorilla needed passionate partners. The Factory got the technology, but they also understood that it takes much more to make things happen. You need a brand, you need marketing, you need advice and help. That’s where The Factory really hits it out of the park. They understand that a collaborative community is what makes things happen.”

Another The Factory success story is, an “employee marketplace” web application that recently launched.

Learn more about Tech start up companies. View the video below.

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