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iStart Jax partners with StartupBus heading to Austin’s SXSW Conference

StartupBus made a brief stop in Jacksonville, Florida is on its way to join with the other StartupBus entrepreneurs from destinations all over the country who head to Austin, Texas to compete.

StartupBus is an invitation-only community of hackers (coders), hustlers (business) and hipsters (designers) and people who are passionate about startups. StartupBus is best known for an annual competition where entrepreneurs are brought into an exclusive and growing community.

On its way to Austin’s SXSW Conference, StartupBus stopped by in Jacksonville. iStart Jax, Business Accelerator of Northeast Florida partnered with StartupBus. Sheena Koshy, Director of iStart Jax, is travelling with the BusPreneurs providing the Social Media and creative marketing support blogging live at “I am thrilled to participate and represent Jacksonville all along the journey” said Sheena.
Buspreneurs work on building and launching a product on a bus that’s traveling 60 miles an hour towards Austin where teams compete in a bracket style competition where panels of esteemed judges pick a winning team. Last year’s panel included: Robert Scoble of Rackspace, David Cohen of TechStars, Naval Ravikant of AngelList, and Dave McClure of 500Startups.

“When you mix creativity, talent, and raw passion inside a metal tube on wheels and agitate for 3 days, there’s no telling how much you might produce,” says Susie Steiner, one of the StartupBus conductors. “The products created on StartupBus are really great, but the relationships built on the bus are incredible. It’s like summer camp on a bus for motivated entrepreneurs.”

Every year, the Buspreneurs (Bus + Entrepreneur = Buspreneur) prove that you can do more than you ever imagined and that sleep is intended for another day. The teams from StartupBus launch fully functional, publicly available products by the time they land at their destination.
People can find more information and follow along on Twitter with @StartupBusFL @TheStartupBus, and on the StartupBus blog ( ) and on Facebook at

About StartupBus: StartupBus began life as a joke in Australia: a roadtrip starting in San Francisco with friends, but with the twist of launching a startup on arrival in Austin in time for the SxSW technology conference. StartupBus has evolved from an experiment to a competition and an international community of unique people. As we grow the annual competition across two continents which serves as an initiation into the real asset we are building — our community — we look to grow into a unique type of institution that leaves a lasting legacy on the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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