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Womenade’s first event of 2013 raises money for Daniel

Cupid Hits The Mark For Womenade’s First Event Of The Year

Womenade, a local woman’s organization dedicated to helping children at Daniel, held their first event of the year at the home of Maggie Haynes with Prudential Network Realty. With over 44 members attending, Womenade raised $1165.00 in donations to help fund the many programs Womenade has created for the kids at Daniel.  Daniel is Florida’s oldest child-servicing agency dedicated to meeting the physical and emotional needs of children.

The event was held on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 with a Valentine theme.  “The special “I Love Womenade” invitation created by Cynthia Montello of The Montello Agency reinforced our purpose,” said Judy Hicks, Womenade Founder.

“It’s all about doing for the children and taking the opportunity to reach out and touch the kids,” said Maggie Haynes, longtime Womenade supporter and February Hostess.

The Organization meets four times a year for networking and friendship building; and to further the mission of mentoring and assisting children in need.

Womenade’s purpose is to mentor the children living in group homes or in independent village through career development, fun, and community service; to meet periodically and raise money for them and teach them…TO DARE TO DREAM BIG!

For more information regarding Womenade, please contact Judy Hicks at (904) 463-2877 or visit

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