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A Tale of Diesel and Dollars

Omar Cuerto isn’t exactly a household name, and neither is his company, Dieselogic. But he was thrust into the spotlight a few weeks back after the news broke that Shad Kahn “gave” him a million dollars.

I sat down informally with Omar to learn a little more about how he attracted the attention of one of our city’s billionaires. (I know what you’re thinking: There’s more than one? The answer is yes, but we won’t go there now.)

“That headline was misleading,” he starts.

“In what way?” I asked.

“It was a loan, plain and simple–no equity deal, and no other creative arrangements.”

I was so taken aback, that I asked him to repeat it. That’s not normally how it works from a private investor. Suddenly, I had more questions than answers.

“Okay, let’s back up, Omar. How did this come about?” I asked.

“To understand that, you’d have to first understand what we do for business. We have created a more efficient way to deliver fuel to diesel engines. Ultimately, it results in more power and fuel efficiency.”

From there, Omar led me into the back room of his crowded building to introduce me to Syd, the CAD designer. Between them, their dialog of tolerances, injection patterns, and microns went way over my non-engineering wired brain. I smiled and nodded, pretending I knew what they were talking about.

What was crystal clear to me, though, was the excitement coming from every word. They truly believe they are on to something big. And apparently, so does Shad Kahn.

As my tour continued, Omar led me to the manufacturing and testing part of the operation. He knows exactly how long it takes to manufacture each injector, and holds his guys accountable for production per shift.

“We are moving our facility, and already have the space picked out. Without Mr. Kahn’s help, we could not have done it. The relationship has been fantastic,” Omar said. “Perhaps even more valuable than money is the expertise and guidance a high-level business team has given us. Sometimes, solutions to our challenges can be simple. Like, when we were struggling with getting the amount of production we need. ‘Why not add another shift?’ they proposed. Brilliant!”

“We are so close to the business, sometimes we miss the obvious answer,” Omar noted. “That’s when having the right people around you can help.”

It was clear to me that as successful in business as he has been, Mr. Kahn hasn’t forgotten his small business beginnings.

It was a pleasure to spend time with you, Omar! Best of luck to you.

And to Shad Kahn, I won’t forget your generosity. Helping others achieve their dreams and creating opportunities are among the most noble of causes in my book. Nicely played.

Until next time,


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