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The 6 degrees of Vanice

Perhaps you are familiar with six degrees of separation concept.  It is the idea that everyone is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world.

It was in 1994 that three Albright college students were sitting around watching the actor Kevin Bacon in the cult movie, Footloose. Conversation followed about the number of actors and actresses he has worked with in his career. Alas, a new parlor game is formed.  The three entertained themselves and others at parties when names were thrown out and they would link them back to the actor. The concept picked up momentum fast after they appeared on the Howard Stern Show and Jon Stewart.

Eventually, word about this game got back to Bacon himself. Originally, he was not amused and thought it was ridiculing him. Over time though he came to appreciate the game and even started a non-profit organization around the concept to promote good causes around the world.

I started thinking about how our area is made up of more than 1.4 million people, but I am continually amazed how small and unconnected our business community seems to be.  For example, do you know the person on the cover of this magazine?

Chances are you don’t know Vanice Serrano of ASAP Towing.  In fact, just like Kevin Bacon, I don’t personally know Vanice either. However, I do know someone (lots of people actually) that know her.  With a few quick keystrokes, I could ask for an introduction or simply pick up the phone.  So why should I? Because I could learn something from her! She is the overall winner of the Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce’s “Small Business Leader of the Year.” It’s a tremendous honor, and she earned every bit. She along with all of the other winners have overcome adversity and demonstrated business success recognized by their peers.

So maybe give it a shot?   Can you make a connection in less than 6 steps and introduce yourself to someone that you want to meet today?

Congratulations Vanice. I hope to meet you soon.

Until next time

Brian Barquilla

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