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Foundation Financial Group Signs New Lease on Additional Downtown Space

Foundation Financial Group announced its recent signing of a lease on space in the SunTrust Building located in downtown Jacksonville. The corporation has leased through Colliers International. The building is owned by Parador Partners LLC.

“Having another growing consumer brand domiciled in downtown Jacksonville is critical for building momentum,” stated Parador Partners LLC, Parador Principal, Ashish Bahl. “With a core private sector brand such as Foundation Financial Group, there will be advertisers, lawyers, IT shops and accountants that will want to be in close proximity.”

Foundation Financial has acquired about 38,000 square feet in the SunTrust Building, which will accommodate about 150 people per floor. The SunTrust Tower provides more available space for FFG to expand into as the company realizes its aggressive development goals. The tower’s current occupancy rate is 41 percent. Once Foundation Financial Group takes possession of the space, the occupancy rate of the building will increase to 50 percent.

“FFG has experienced tremendous growth over the last several years and our expansion into the SunTrust building was a strategic move to accommodate that growth,” said Foundation Financial Group Chief Financial Officer, Tanya Mauro. “This lease provides us the opportunity to grow our business and support the city in which we work in live. Over the next three years, FFG will be injecting over $1.5 million into the downtown market. We realize that it is our responsibility as a corporation to invest in our community on both philanthropic and economic development levels. We are proud to do our part to help rejuvenate downtown Jacksonville and make Northeast Florida more appealing.”

“It is very important for marquis private sector businesses to create a presence downtown, because that is ultimately the image of Jacksonville that will be projected to other geographies,” Bahl said. “The Gate Parkway and Southside areas are easy to replicate in all suburban corridors of the United States. Downtown Jacksonville has the potential to be a magnet for the city as a whole, as it is highly differentiated in terms of its rich history, river views, and proximity to transportation infrastructure. Ultimately, this differentiated downtown will be the magnet in attracting talent, other companies, and investors into northeastern Florida.”

About Foundation Financial Group

Foundation Financial Group is a multibillion dollar financial services corporation. FFG offers its customers Best in Class service through its Insurance, Retirement, Mortgage, and Tax Services. Named one of the fastest growing financial companies in the country by INC magazine, FFG has continued to grow its nationwide presence with over 100,000 new customers per year in 39 states. In addition to the value that Foundation Financial provides every customer, it is also dedicated to its communities and the people who live in them. Through a vast array of philanthropic endeavors the company not only provides significant monetary donations but also fosters a workforce environment that encourages all team members to personally make a difference. Foundation Financial is committed to its strong focus on customer service and community investment as it continues to grow and compete with the largest financial institutions in the world.

Foundation Financial Group reviews all public relations inquiries.  For additional information, interview and image requests, contact the Foundation Financial Group Public Relations team.

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