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Civic Council Announces Departure of Executive Director

The Jacksonville Civic Council announced today that Donald A. Shea will be leaving his post as the first executive director, effective late January, 2013.

“We will miss Don and appreciate all the work that he has accomplished since coming to Jacksonville to join the Civic Council in September 2010,” said Peter Rummell, chairman of the Jacksonville Civic Council Board of Directors.

That sentiment was echoed by Steve Halverson, chief executive officer, Haskell, who is slated to succeed Rummell as chairman effective January 1.

Halverson said, “On behalf of the entire Civic Council membership, we are sad to see Don and Dianne Shea leave our community, but we understand that a unique opportunity has been presented to them to return to the New Orleans area, where most of their family resides.” Halverson went on to say that the Civic Council regrets his departure but supports Shea’s decision which is of a purely personal and family nature.

Shea has been named the first director of economic development for St.

Tammany Parish, a fast-growing area of the New Orleans region, located just across Lake Pontchartrain from the City of New Orleans. In his resignation from the Civic Council, Shea stressed his feeling that the work of the Civic Council has been very professionally satisfying, and that the mission and purpose of the Civic Council are critically important as a way for the Jacksonville business community to bring about positive change in public policy for the community.

“In many meaningful ways, the Civic Council has been influential over the past couple of years in helping raise the dialog in the community about important quality of life issues,” said Don Shea. “We have done pioneering work on downtown development and pension reform and have advocated for education reform, strengthened human rights protection and improved race relations. I am gratified to have played a part in that process, and I look forward to an expansion of the role of the Jacksonville Civic Council in the future.”

Halverson said the Civic Council will immediately begin a search process for a new executive director. John Delaney, president of the University of North Florida, will chair a search committee.

“The Civic Council will move forward, continuing to engage the toughest issues facing our community and do so with a renewed sense of commitment and engagement by the entire membership. The best days for Jacksonville, and the Civic Council, are ahead.” stated Halverson.

The Jacksonville Civic Council

The Jacksonville Civic Council is a private, non-profit organization formed in 2010. Its mission is to create a clear vision for the city of Jacksonville along with concrete strategies and tactics for achieving this vision. This vision will improve the quality of life in Jacksonville and offer a safe, personally satisfying, economically rewarding place to live and work by offering equal opportunities for all regardless of race or religion, a quality education, a growing economy, a government that is modern, efficient and effective, and a vibrant and thriving downtown.

The Jacksonville Civic Council is currently chaired by Peter Rummell and comprised of nearly 60 business and community leaders. Steven Halverson, CEO, Haskell, is the incoming chairman effective January 1, 2013.

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