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Triumph over disaster

As part of my duties with ADVANTAGE, I facilitate monthly meetings between business owners. It’s an opportunity to be with like-minded individuals that know the challenges and rewards of running a business.

Not surprisingly, the challenges that business owners face are all very similar. Most revolve around the usual topics: finance, human resources, marketing, and expansion. However, during one meeting, Teresa Myers, owner of Myers-Seth Pump, Inc., revealed unexpected information. “I had a fire… actually, two,” she said. One by one, the details emerged that would send anyone to their breaking point, both on the balance sheet, and maybe more importantly, emotionally.

We could hear the despair in her voice as she explained the series of events that left her employees and customers wondering, Will I have a job to return to? Will my order be delivered? After a brief moment to collect herself, Teresa responded with the decisiveness and calculation of a seasoned leader. She calmed her employees’ fears and rolled out her plan. It included contacting vendors and suppliers, and getting crews on the road to collect inventory she needed. She beamed with pride when talking about her team.  She said everyone had the same attitude: whatever it takes.

It is because of her triumph over disaster that we have profiled Teresa’s story of adversity. We outlined the series of events in our profile this month, and it should be a moving and educational read for everyone.

There is no better teacher than learning from the experience of others.

Until next time,

Brian Barquilla

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