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The Hoffman Agency marks 20 years

The Hoffman Agency LLC, a full-service marketing and communications firm based in Jacksonville, Fla., marks 20 years in business. According to agency owner and company president Jeffrey R. Hoffman, he and his team have worked with a number of companies and organizations throughout the years including local clients and clients based in Chicago, New York, Washington, DC, Indianapolis, New Orleans, West Virginia, the Carolinas and the Florida Keys.

“I started my career in public relations and communications for the government of the District of Columbia, working closely with the Mayor’s office.  When I moved to Jacksonville, I had some great opportunities in marketing communications with a few companies including Barnett Banks, before founding the agency,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman added the marketing and communications field is more wide-open today than he’s ever seen.  “The addition of digital media adds a number of new challenges for marketers, but even greater opportunities.  Layering social media onto any integrated marketing communications program gives marketers an unprecedented chance to listen to customers and prospects,” he said. “In many ways, marketers are no longer in charge of messaging — the end user is.  Savvy companies and their agency partners recognize this.”

However, Hoffman believes that both agencies and clients have to do a better job.  And, that there is a tremendous amount of window dressing about expertise and unrealistic promises among agencies and clients. “The digital space is evolving rapidly and we all have to know how to use it, and how not to use it. Everyone is still learning,” he said.

The agency’s digital media team uses the practice simply as another communications channel to reach markets and integrates it with traditional media.  “Social networks, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and the like have to be seen as layers on top of other communications efforts.  They can add depth to our understanding of how targeted markets think and how they act. But, only if we know how to use gathered information correctly,” he said.


The best news for Hoffman’s clients is that digital marketing, just like direct marketing, is highly measurable and makes agencies more accountable for results.

According to Hoffman, smaller agencies typically do a better job of this than the large conglomerate agencies.  And, while many corporate marketing executives, and C-suite officers, question the value and real return of marketing through digital and social means, “It’s up to all of us in marketing and communications to do a strong job of explaining the benefits of the digital space.  As digital marketing continues to grow, it will just get stronger.”

With the real innovations now taking place in marketing to users of mobile devices, the explosion of smart phones and tablet devices challenges marketers to design campaigns that reach targets through multiple screens.  Hoffman says, 84 percent of social media users are on Facebook while watching primetime television, and some 60 percent grab their phones or tablets first thing in the morning to check Facebook updates.  “There are so many more platforms that people use for searching and sharing.  All of this just expands a marketer’s opportunity to present a message in multiple formats at the greatest point of relevance. We see strong growth in integrated communications.  We no longer live in a push-message world.  We have to interact with all market platforms to succeed.”

For more information, contact Jeffrey Hoffman at The Hoffman Agency, 1056 Hendricks Ave., Jacksonville, FL  32207, or call 904.398.9663.

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