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SBRN celebrates 20 years of growing businesses

An idea 20 years ago to assist Jacksonville small businesses with the combined resources of business experts, government and academia recently celebrated its 20th birthday — with no signs of slowing down.

The Small Business Resource Network (SBRN) was formed in 1992 as one of the area’s first public-private partnerships. Founding members came from JAX Chamber, the City of Jacksonville, the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at the University of North Florida, non-profit agencies and business people who hold a passion for working with small businesses.

Based at the SBDC, SBRN grew from serving just Northeast Florida to assisting businesses statewide with chapters in several Florida communities. It provides a free referral service to government, non-profit agencies and business professionals to help small business owners solve most business operational needs. Qualified agencies and professional members include experts in banking, law, accounting, insurance, business continuity, and most areas of consulting, including marketing, human resources, commercial real estate, technology, interior design, and management.

SBRN’s list of accomplishments includes:

• Referring business owners to 45,500 business resources

•Counseling more than 35,000 clients

•Assisting in the closing of approximately $200 million in loans

•Facilitating the creation of more than 5,600 jobs.

For more information, contact State Director Nancy Boyle at 904-620-2489, or visit



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