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After Hours: Chad Sorenson—Community volunteer and Scoutmaster

Chad V. Sorenson, SPHR, president of Adaptive HR Solutions, LLC ( can be found volunteering at numerous locations around his community. But being a Scoutmaster is one volunteer position he holds near and dear.

“I started in scouts in elementary school in Minnesota,” says Sorenson. “After progressing through the ranks in Cub Scouts and earning my Arrow of Light award, I crossed over to Boy Scouts, and that’s where my adventures really took off.”

Being a leader

After earning his Eagle Scout award in 1988, he became an Assistant Scoutmaster with his local troop. After college, he took a brief hiatus, but got involved again when his oldest son joined the Tiger Cub program in 2007.

He is currently the Cubmaster of Pack 268, which has 60-70 active scouts, and an Assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 268 and spends about 20 hours a month, plus campouts with scouting. In total, Sorenson has been a part of scouting for more than 20 years.

Favorite event

“The boys would probably say the annual Pinewood Derby is their favorite event. This year we had nearly 60 scouts cut, shape and paint their derby cars (with mom and dad’s help). However, I would have to say my favorite activity with the scouts is our Pack campout,” says Sorenson.

“This is a time for the boys to learn and develop their camping skills and is a great opportunity for us to grow as a pack. Camping is not something all kids get to discover, but should,” continues Sorenson. “When done right, the boys learn about teamwork, communications, self-reliance, leadership, personal development, and how to just have fun with unstructured time. Nowadays, too much of our children’s time is filled with structured activities. They need time to discover and be creative.”

Sorenson’s pack tries to camp at least four to five times a year, and he has learned over the past three years as the Cubmaster that cooking on a camp stove for 125 other scouts and parents can be quite a challenge. “But I love it. We also have very strong family support and our scouting program would be as good without their support and help,” says Sorenson.

Keeping with it

He continued as an adult volunteer because he felt it was important to give back to the organization that had given him so many opportunities.

“I traveled the country, learned many communications and leadership skills, and grew to love the outdoors because of scouts and wanted to be sure other boys had the opportunity to do the same,” says Sorenson.

“Scouting made such an impact on my life as a youth that I felt it was only right that I help other boys and young men experience the same for themselves. I love to play golf and sing, but some of those activities have been put on the back burner, particularly while I have the opportunity to be a leader in my boys’ scouting groups. I would encourage everyone to find a way to give back and to volunteer. Not only will you help others, but you might find that you will grow a little yourself.”

Looking forward

With all of the other activities he is involved in, scouting is one activity that provides him the time to volunteer and be with his two boys, Sean, 10, and Jonathan, 7. “I see myself continuing to volunteer with Scouting as long as I am able to do so. As my kids grow, I will continue to be involved directly with their Pack and Troop. Sean just crossed into Boy Scouts and Jonathan is finishing his first year in Cub Scouts. After they have finished the program, I will continue to find areas where my skills can be best utilized.”

“Sometimes people say that I don’t have enough downtime for myself, but Scouting is part of my downtime,” continues Sorenson. “The saying goes that if you love your job, you will never work another day in your life. This is true for me, but it’s the same with Scouting. I don’t look at it as something I have to do, but rather something I get to do. And right now, my kids and my wife are actively involved in it to – so it’s a family activity.”

Other volunteer activities

Drama and singing: “I have sung with two opera companies in New York and Connecticut, and sung with Vanessa Williams and Michael McDonald in 1998 and Barry Manilow in 2011. I also frequently sing for weddings and funerals and actively sing in the choir and other musical productions.”

Blood donation: “I regularly donate platelets with The Blood Alliance and just surpassed 13 gallons in March.”

Executive in residence: “I am an Executive-in-Residence at Jacksonville University working with their Center for Professional Studies.”

Church: “I volunteer with organizations such as Mandarin United Methodist Church as the Stewardship Committee Chair, as well as industry specific groups such as Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) Jacksonville as their Vice President and HR Florida, serving on the state conference committee.”



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