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Experian launches BusinessIQ Express

Experian announces BusinessIQ Express, a complete online tool that helps small businesses improve cash flow by empowering more informed decisions about their business customers, suppliers and partners. The new service provides information and tools for evaluating and monitoring business relationships to help support profitable growth. Additionally, the service provides tools and resources to help small businesses collect on outstanding debts and avoid future losses.

Experian designed BusinessIQ Express to help small businesses keep their cash flowing by enabling owners and principals to quickly and easily make better decisions across the entire Customer Life Cycle. These important decisions help businesses meet their obligations and often can mean the difference between success or failure.

The new online tool is available now, and offers three key ways to help members manage their business relationships quickly and easily:

Evaluate — BusinessIQ Express members can evaluate prospects, customers, suppliers and partners on their likelihood to pay or deliver on time.

Monitor — Members can easily monitor their business relationships with alerts and notifications of key changes, allowing them to take appropriate account actions and maintain beneficial relationships.

Collect — The tool offers small-business members unique options that may have never before been easily accessible to them to help collect on outstanding debts and avoid future losses.

BusinessIQ Express delivers valuable real-time data on more than 99.9 percent of all U.S. businesses. Members of the service also can rate an organization, as well as provide comments that can be viewed and used by other community members when evaluating a business. Additionally, the site is loaded with tutorial videos, tool tips and support options to assist small-business professionals at every stage of the Customer Life Cycle.

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