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NTE Energy awarded patent

NTE Energy announces it has been awarded a patent by the United States Patent & Trademark Office for its proprietary biomass hybrid renewable energy technology. This technology revolutionizes the production of renewable energy by allowing the simultaneous operation of a biomass energy cycle in concert with a traditional power plant. Patent number US 8,161,724 was issued on April 24, 2012.

“This patent represents a game-changing moment for the renewable energy industry,” said Seth Shortlidge, President and CEO of NTE Energy. “Our technology will help generators provide reliable, low cost, efficient electricity, while creating new economic opportunities and jobs. NTE Energy’s hybrid technology creates significant benefits by decreasing use of fossil fuels in power generation, increasing domestic renewable energy production, and providing the forestry and agriculture sectors with solutions for their biomass residuals.”

NTE Energy will utilize this technology in the development, construction and operation of new hybrid renewable power generation facilities located throughout the United States, including projects under development in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia. As an alternative, NTE Energy will license the technology to other parties, including independently owned hybrid renewable energy facilities.

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