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JAX Chamber Board passes resolutions

JAX Chamber Board of Directors passed two resolutions supporting the City of Jacksonville’s economic development legislation to create a Downtown Investment Authority (bill 2012-0212) and Public Investment Policy (bill 2012-0213).

The Downtown Investment Authority resolution stated that developing Downtown Jacksonville is an ongoing priority for the Chamber, and it has extensively researched best practices on how to revitalize the urban core of Jacksonville by analyzing the success of benchmark cities.

The Chamber’s Board is supportive of a lead Downtown agency that will provide consistent leadership to implement a long-term plan and facilitate the development of a strong core where local and national businesses can thrive. The resolution also stated that the JAX Chamber will advocate the City of Jacksonville determine a permanent funding structure for the Authority.

The resolution in support of the Public Investment Policy stated that the proposed legislation will help attract and grow businesses in Jacksonville, creating new investment and jobs in the community. The Board was supportive of shortening the economic development project review and approval process.


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