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CoWork Jax announces 2nd Annual Coworking Week

CoWork Jax announces the 2nd Annual Downtown Coworking Week. From March 12 – March 16, the CoWork Jax community has decided to open its doors and invite everyone to enjoy free coworking for the week. The growing CoWork Jax community is eager for others to experience the growing collaborative and innovative atmosphere happening at the space.

CoWork Jax is also a proud member of the Downtown community, and is pleased to be able to offer this event, and to bring people Downtown who might not otherwise think of working there. The first Downtown Coworking Week was held last year, in collaboration with Downtown Vision, Inc., Jacksonville’s Downtown Improvement District, and Downtown Vision is glad to see this becoming an annual event.

In honor of the free week, CoWork Jax will host a number of great events. For a full schedule of events visit the CoWork Jax website at

Monday: Media Day, all day. Local media – bloggers, news media, reporters – are invited to come and work out of the space, meet our members and experience coworking first hand. If you would like to RSVP for the event, or have further questions, send an email to the CoWork community curator, Paige, at

Tuesday: Business Founders Series, 6 p.m. Join us as we host Carl Smith, owner of NGen Works, Darren Bounds, founder of Path.To and Cliqset, as well as Helga Langthon, owner of SOHO Network Solutions as they talk about what it takes to start, grow and manage a company, how they handle failures and successes and key items each has learned along the way.

Wednesday: AIGA’s Morning Leak, 7 a.m. Join the local chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) as they meet over coffee to talk about current projects, upcoming events and more.

Show and Tell Lunch, 12 p.m. Similar to the AIGA Morning Leak, CoWork Jax members gather to share their current projects and ideas, and share thoughts and roadblocks with other members.

Thursday: ImpactJax – “What is CoWorking and Why Should I Care?”, 6 p.m. The highlight event of the week, join Cowork Jax and co-hosts ImpactJax as they provide tours of the CoWork Jax coworking space and give a presentation on the basics of coworking, followed by a special panel discussion on how coworking can benefit your business and community. Featured speakers on the panel will include Jeremy Neuner, CEO of NextSpace, and Ryan Coonerty, Chief Strategist of NextSpace, one of the most successful coworking businesses in the country with four locations across California. NextSpace has a tremendous amount of insight into the successes and failures of coworking. The panel will also feature Elton Rivas, Chief-Coworker for CoWork Jax; Mike Glass, a CoWork Jax member; and one of the co-founders of Jax Hax, a local “makerspace” and community workshop.

Friday: Hackathon, 5 p.m. until… Local hackers take over CoWork Jax for an evening of work, innovation and inspiration.

For more information on CoWork Jax, visit

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