Which new policies or procedures is your small business implementing for 2012?

With the new year upon us, we wanted to know if you are making any changes in 2012.


“After 5+ years, I’m opening an office; adding specialized marketing, branding and consulting services, and more interns; and partnering with trusted colleagues on items I am not always able to work on, but some clients may ask for. So excited and ready for great things in 2012!” —Camille Clement Gregg, CEO, chief excitement officer at Outside The Box Consulting, LLC

“2012 policies and procedures are all around digital media and online communications. We will be helping more small businesses (SMBs) implement social media guidelines and online monitoring programs, as well as building out social media campaigns this year. I see SMBs doing a lot more in this space in 2012, but they first have to be informed about the possibilities of engaging with buyers online. What’s held them back to date is a sense of overload, in particular fear of the resources required to meet the expectations of social media users.” —Ilona Olayan, marketer, researcher, strategist, and social media zealot

“For 2012, I will be focusing on client communication—especially making sure clients get called back, which is always a challenge for me. My New Year’s resolutions are to simplify and recover.” —Keith Johnson Principal, Keith E. Johnson CPA PA


“I have a number of new implementations, but since I am fairly fresh out of the gate owning my own business (no solicitors please), there are plenty of implementations I need to continue working on.”—Tommy Hobin, digital marketing consultant at Mind Jar Media


“We will be implementing social media for 2012.” —John Gray, human resources director at England-Thims & Miller, Inc.

“I will ensure that all calls to clients will be returned within a 24-hour period.” —Pat Council, host of “Designing Your Life, Today” Radio Show at True Thoroughbred Enterprises

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