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Foundation Financial Group donates IT services, website to school

Foundation Financial Group (FFG) donated 160 hours of its information technology (IT) staff’s time over the past few months to upgrade Seacoast Christian Academy’s website and provide IT support. The new website, which went live Dec. 29, 2011, features a more modern and organized design constructed with a content management system (CMS) so school staff may update the site without relying on an IT department or outside vendor. In addition, Foundation Financial Group donated additional IT training and helped the school begin its shift to being paperless.

Seacoast Christian Academy Principal Elton Brooke said the school wouldn’t have been able to make such investments without Foundation Financial Group’s donation.

By working nights and weekends in conjunction with the school’s leadership, Foundation Financial Group’s staff was able to accomplish their goal of a new website that will be unveiled Friday – just in time for the new year and the new semester.
“It’s a great way to kick off the new year for the school,” said Rolf Wilck, Senior Vice President of IT Support Services for Foundation Financial Group.
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