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First Coast Signs awarded ‘preferred vendor’ status with international organization

Ken Kindt, president and founder of Signworld congratulated Rebecca and Carlton Walden of First Coast Signs, a Signworld operation in Jacksonville for the recent addition of a large customer with a nationwide presence.

“By virtue of a contact in Rebecca’s BNI chapter, First Coast Signs is being promoted as the preferred provider of vehicle wraps for Cruise One and Cruises Inc., a cruise vacation agency with representatives throughout the country. I congratulate Rebecca and Carlton for grabbing this deal.” said Ken Kindt.

First Coast Signs had the design concept “blessed” by Corporate Headquarters with the first vehicle, the Ford Escape. The same concept theme is used as other agents come on board and First Coast Signs “retro fits” it to accommodate their vehicles. The agents may select from various approved images provided by the Cruise Lines to feature what matches the agents’ most popular ships and destinations.

Carlton and Rebecca Walden delivered their first wrap as “preferred vendors” to owners as they disembarked from their Annual Sales Conference.

Rebecca says of the project, “We are so thankful that we are with the Signworld organization when it comes to a project like this. The support from other owners and also guidance and training from Signworld has helped us a lot in achieving this goal. The organization truly works like a family and not as competition, we are in this together and that is a something that shows us we joined the right group to achieve our goals.”

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