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Foundation Financial Group launches retirement services

Maintaining its commitment to become the largest and best financial services company in the U.S., Foundation Financial Group unveils another new service offering this month.


Foundation Financial Group’s new retirement services division offers life insurance, annuities, and long-term care products. Customers will receive the same Foundation Financial Group competitive pricing, quick turnaround times, expert advice and efficiency that have grown to hallmark status in the financial services industry.

Ronald Scott, who has more than 15 years of financial services industry experience, heads the new division.

“We now have the third leg of the stool for our customers,” Scott said. “With the addition of retirement services, Foundation Financial Group serves as a one-stop solution for our customers.”

In January, Foundation Financial Group began offering property and casualty insurance services to its customers. Foundation Financial Group is growing its insurance business portfolio and is hiring new employees around the country.

“With the addition of our retirement services division, Foundation Financial Group will not only expand, we will help more and more families who are still trying to make sense of an uncertain economy,” said Foundation Financial Group CEO Mark W. Boyer. “We have put together an outstanding retirement services team that lives by the blue-collar work ethic of service, hard work and customer commitment. We’re looking forward to much success.”

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