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NSBA and SBEA host export issue briefing

On Thursday, Oct. 27 at 1:00 p.m. EDT, the National Small Business Association (NSBA) and the Small Business Exporters Association (SBEA) will host an informative issue briefing teleconference, “Exporting 101” on how to overcome the various challenges of exporting your goods and services. As the U.S. economy continues to lag, lawmakers and economists continue to promote the myriad business opportunities offered by exporting. President Barack Obama has even made expanding exporting a key priority for his administration. So what does this mean for you?

The overwhelming majority of small-business exporters aren’t exporting and the top reasons why are: not knowing where to start; and fears over getting paid. This brief session will provide small businesses new to exporting and those just starting to consider it with the opportunity to hear from seasoned exporters on the biggest challenges and best practices any business owner should be armed with before launching a new exporting operation.

On the call, participants will hear from:

•David Ickert of Air Tractor, Inc. on a general introduction to NSBA, SBEA and some common misconceptions about exporting;

•Don Williams of Princeton Healthcare in Atlanta, Georgia on doing business in South Korea, India, Brazil and the Caribbean, working with OPIC, exporting professional services as well as goods, and maintaining an international office;

•Peter Bowe of Ellicott Dredges in Baltimore, Maryland on doing business across the globe, including Southeast Asia and Africa, doing business with foreign governments, utilizing various trade promotion agencies including OPIC and being aware of the ramifications of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act;

•Phil Jeske of Air Tractor, Inc. in Olney, Texas on doing business in Brazil and Argentina, and how to access and utilize export finance, specifically medium-term export finance; and working with the U.S. Export-Import Bank.

•Dr. Tomas Hult of the International Business Center (IBC) at Michigan State University and the Academy of International Business on determining if your business is export-ready and crafting a global strategy including international marketing and supply chain management

The experts also will share with participants best practices, including the three best pieces of advice they have to offer as well as their top three resources all new exporters should know about. Participants will then have ample time for a Q&A session with the experts.

Anyone looking to increase sales and revenue should be on this call. Even those who have never considered exporting or don’t believe they have anything to export—this could be the call to open your business up to a whole new global market.
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