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New brand and website for Jacksonville’s largest non-profit service provider for seniors

Cathedral Foundation of Jacksonville Inc. and its service division, Urban Jacksonville Inc., have a new name, brand image and website – Aging True.

“Aging gracefully and with dignity is what every person deserves. For nearly 50 years our programs and services have helped seniors do just that by enabling them to stay in their homes longer. However, the names of our non-profits did not reflect this mission,” explained Teresa Barton, executive director of Aging True. “Our new name, Aging True, really speaks to our support and celebration of independent, graceful aging.”

In addition to the name, the Aging True branding effort includes a new logo, brochures about the organization’s key programs, and a website – <> – that is attractive and easy to navigate. Burdette Ketchum, a Jacksonville-based integrated marketing firm, created the brand concept, identity, and marketing and online pieces.

Aging True (formerly Cathedral Foundation of Jacksonville and Urban Jacksonville) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides seniors in Northeast Florida with the care and assistance they need to live independently longer. Founded in 1962, the organization develops and administers health, nutritional and financial care programs designed specifically to serve and educate individuals with disabilities and the elderly, such as Florida Self-Directed Care, Meals on Wheels, Senior Connections and other in-home health, mental wellness and caregiver support services. Aging True services reach more than 6,000 Northeast Florida seniors each year.

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