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Colorado investor bringing millions to Jacksonville

Real Capital Solutions announces a joint venture with McGarvey Residential Communities. RealCapital Solutions, founded by real estate expert and investor Marcel Arsenault, has invested and committed tens of millions of dollars to the Old San Jose on the River community. Arsenault has great insight and is well-positioned to make future predictions on the homebuilding market.

“Consumers who buy real estate in Jacksonville will be pleasantly surprised,” said Arsenault, who has purchased more than $1 billion in homebuilding assets during this real estate downturn. “We will be working to “reboot” this community.”

Arsenault is putting more than $100 million into homebuilding this year and choosing to place that money in Jacksonville, Fla.

“We are on the offensive, building spec single-family houses at Old San Jose on the River in a market where most are not willing to take risks or do not have the ability to finance the construction of specs,” said McGarvey. “Old San Jose is a beautifully designed community that has the financial backing to weather this economic storm.”

Known for being an exceptional visionary, Arsenault foresaw the real estate downturn. “Our investment model is to pick the finest projects and the most talented builders and developers to complete those projects. Only the best projects and deep values show success in this market. There is no doubt in my mind that home values in Jacksonville will recover in the next few years. As the market does recover, the opportunity to own a beautiful home at a bargain will disappear,” said Arsenault. “These incredible home values are on the market today. The time to purchase a home at a bargain price is now, while the market is bumping along the bottom and Old San Jose is offering buyers a phenomenal opportunity on the River.”

For more information about Real Capital Solutions, visit For more information on McGarvey Residential Communities, visit or call 904-733-6399.

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