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FCMA recognizes 96 local companies’ employees with annual Crane Awards

The First Coast Manufacturers Association (FCMA) recognized outstanding employees from 32 FCMA member companies with the prestigious Crane Awards at the annual Crane Awards banquet.

The Crane Award, named after the late A. Crane Jones, Jr., a former senior vice president of CSX Transportation, Inc. and founder of FCMA, is presented to an employee who is recognized for contributing to the betterment of their company workplaces or for their work in the community.

The employees who received this year’s Crane Awards are as follows (by company name and the winner’s name):

Aerostar Environmental Services, Inc.—Ashley Williams

Aerotek, Inc.—Kal Patel

Anheuser-Busch InBev, Inc.—Austin Kelley and Tabby Strauder

Auld & White Constructors, LLC—Perry Frederick

BAE Systems Southeast Shipyards—Sharon Joost, Allen King, and Eddie Schroader

Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations—Ray Milling and John Pusateri

Colomer USA, Inc.—Robert Lee and Nicholas Taylor

CSX Corporation—Eric Hendrickson, Paul Johnson, and Peggy Smith

Earl Industries, LLC—George Nelson

Endeka Ceramics, Inc.—Bill Everitt

Florida Times-Union—John Bero

Georgia-Pacific Corporation—Donnie Esau. Brother’s Keepers Team: Kandy Bates, Carolyn Deel, Jim Scarlett, Kent Trevorah Gerdau, Lisa Davis, John Depontes, Tommy Hardenbrook, Robert McDonald and Brian Rife

Golder Associates Inc.—The Cliff’s Disaster Response Team: Charlie Haury and Aaron Rogers

Harbinger—Allen Atkinson

IFF Chemical Holdings—James Anthony, Archie Ballard and Sheryl Howard

JEA—            Anthony Johnson and Melisa Robinette. Northside Generating Station Bed Level Control Team: Ron Beverly, Jason Lankford, Dan Porter and John Wiseman

MedtronicTool and Die Team: Tom Cashman, Ed Holden, Philip Parker, Jose Valdez, Ron Ward, Charlie Weaver and Bob Zinsli. Value Stream Team: Jorge Alicea, Sarah Borganio, Susie Gregory, Michael Langlois, Tejasy Po, James Polk, Cynthia Derry and Mary Segovia

Moran Environmental Recovery—Leslie Detlefsen

Pine Castle, Inc.—Michel Johnson

Rex Corporation—Sam Wright

Safariland, Division of BAE Systems—Rocky Tomer, Benjamin Arab Skill Based Pay Team: Patricia Alayo, Crystal Cobbs, Diane Dopson, Yolanda Ferguson, Justine Oliver, Patricia Purvis, Dale Milner, Svetlana Schroeder, Yiset Silva, Rodney Waldrip and Eric Wright. Visual Redeployment Team: Jerry Alphin, Linda Becton, John Belle, Brandon Carlson, Donna Cook, April Hart, Juan Carlos Herrera, Curt Hofstadter, Debbie Moritz, Scott Schober, Dawn Shay, Mike Slack, Matthew Wurdeman

Saft America, Inc.—Bichloan Nguyen

Swisher International, Inc.—Health Insurance Cost Control Team: John Langston, Tricia Pittman, Phyllis Deeter and Patrick Crews

Vac-Con—Todd Coleman and Jim Hamilton

Vistakon—Eric Mitchell. Line Engineering Technician Team: Jeff Coelho, Robert Davis, Shane Myers and Chuck Stone

Waste Management—John McKinley

Water Recovery, Division of Moran Environmental—Ken Khim

Wells Fargo Bank—Mike Calvey

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